Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hunting Season Will Be Here

Winter season will be here before we know it. And to tell you what I am looking forward to it. No because it is snow season again but because it is hunting season again. Yes, hunters might have purchase their hunting gears already as the season approaches. I love going on hunting it is just so cold but it is truly fun.

Last year, we purchased our gears in one website that is truly affordable. The website is All the hunting gears or clothing are here and they are very affordable. I still recall that we purchased some hunter boots, hunter wellies and hunter wellingtons. They are very affordable and we are very happy with our purchase.

The prices are very reasonable and they have the huge selection of the stuff you need for hunting. If I were you start buying your hunting equipment now and be ready for the season. Avail their clearance sale and the free delivery promotion. Start shopping now and get ready hunting with the complete outfit from country attire website. Enjoy shopping!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Since the auction is every first Friday of the month, I am now preparing the items that we are going to sell at the auction house. We did good the last time on our silver coins and proof sets. This time we still have the same items but a whole lot more. We still got orders coming in and hopefully they will make it on time and eventually include them in the inventory. We are looking forward on the outcome of this auction.

Securing The Future

Securing your family's future is very important. You always want them in good hands when something happen to you. No wonder most people here in the states took the time to get a Family Insurance. To I think this is a necessity because it will truly help the family in the near future. We are lucky and grateful that companies offering this kind of services do exist because it is a great investment.

Some people thing getting an insurance is very expensive, but it is totally not true. Before applying for it you can even get an Insurance Quote to see if you can afford it or not. Some companies also offer Cheap Life Insurance to be more affordable to the people. With power of the internet now you can search for the best rates in the market. This kind of information is always available 24/7.

Do not wait til it is too late. Secure you family's future by getting a life insurance. This way your family is stable financially in the near future. Get it now and experience that worry free feeling. As well as lifetime protection for your love one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ms. Universe Pageant

The pageant was a success and the crowd was so pleased. Ms. Philippines made it to the top 5 and ranked forth runner up. It was a blast and she deserved it. The competition was tough and the questions were really hard but the ladies have done their best to get the title. Ms. Mexico was the luckiest of tonight's event and got the title as Ms. Universe. with their effort and perseverance, they truly deserve the prize. congratulations and mabuhay Philippines.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Data Graphics Inc is here for your needs

Graphic designers has such an incredible talent. I do not know how they do it, but their works are very impressive. They just create every thing from custom labels to nameplates and so much more. This is one great talent that someone could be proud of and willing to share. You can even start up a business using this talent and that is what Data Graphics Inc has been doing since 1984.

Wow! They have been in the business for 26 years now. I am amazed with the quality service that they provide to people especially with graphic needs. They have providing custom label needs, overlays, nameplates and many more. They strive for a good customer service for every client they deal with and in return they always get a positive feedback on the service they provide. Exceptional service and high quality standards is what they are willing to give.

I do admire their determination and perseverance to their clients. Because of the quality service they provide they are still in the market and continues to grow. I think is the key secret to succeed in the business industry especially that they provide any of your graphic needs. Check out their website and see the huge selection of custom labels, nameplates, overlays, industrial labels and so on so forth. Best guaranteed that you will get what you want.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babies Fighting Going To Sleep

I was getting curious of why my baby fight when going to sleep. Sometimes she's doing fine and will just pass out on her own but most of the time she'll fight going to sleep. It is very tiring sometimes when I wanted to go to bd early and she is still awake because she just can't close her eyes and sleep..Lol.. But I did a little research and this is what I have found.

According to the article I've read, the reason why a baby fights going to sleep is that he/she is just to tired going to sleep. Well, I didn't know that but we believe it or not it happened to some adults too. In my opinion, I think my baby is afraid to miss something when she goes to sleep :). What I normally do when she starts fighting to sleep is, I put her on the floor and let her play. In short, I let wore her self out til she just pass out and go to sleep. It works on my part.

Available Tickets For All

Sports is something people love to watch. Whether it's live or on television it is being patronized. My hubby like football. During football season our television is always tuned in to his game. I watch with him but honestly I am still learning the fundamentals of this sport. It fun, exciting but I do get bored sometimes when I do not understand what's happening.

On my part, I am a big fan of basketball. Gosh! I'm all in when basketball season is on going. I cannot take my eyes out of the television when the game started and more like when my team is playing. To me this game is very popular and loved by so many people. Kids, teenager and even adults are very fond of it.

My dream come true is probably seeing my team play live. It may not happened sooner but hopefully one. I know ticket America is the best place to purchase a ticket for the best game in town. Name it and they have it. If you need Utah Jazz ticket, they have it. They also have Houston Rockets tickets, Detroit Pistons tickets or my team New Orleans Hornets tickets. This are only few but they almost have all the tickets available or your team.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Baby's Appointment

My baby had her 6 months appointment to her Pediatrician this morning. She now weighing 18.4 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. Wow! The doctor was very pleased on her progress. I am so glad to hear that. Aside from the regular check, she also got her 6 months shots today. Ouch! My baby is sore on the legs. I already gave her some pain reliever and hopefully it helps eases the pain. She is asleep right now and hopefully she will have a good a nap. She was a bit fuzzy a while ago because probably she is hurting. Hopefully the pain will go away soon. That's it for now. Have a nice day everyone!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Have a goodnight!

My daughter will have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. This will be her 6th month appointment. Hopefully things will be okay tomorrow. I am not sure if they will be giving her another set of shots again. Oh have mercy. I am also looking forward to know how she weight now. Tomorrow will be a couple of weeks after her WIC appointment. She was weighing 18.2 lbs and 26 inches long, so I am curious if she had gain any weight or inches. Well folks I am off to bed. Have a goodnight!

Master's Degree Online

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Back To School

It is back to school once again. Students might be excited and looking forward in the school opening. Some might not be ready to go back to school yet. But believe it or not summer is almost over and winter is really fast approaching, that I am not looking forward to, lol. Good thing I do not have to deal with school opening and everything like that yet because our little one is only 6 months old so it is still a long way to go for her to start school. My husband and I also discuss about home schooling her but we will make sure that she will join some outdoor activities too like other kids. To all the student welcome back to school and good luck.

Great Pictures - Great Memory

I was not able to attend my cousins wedding this year. She is my closest cousin among others cousins. Simply because our age gap is not that far. We get along well most of the time but there are times that cousin rivalry will arise. As I was saying she got married last May of this year in the Philippines.

I am here in the States so I did not made it to her wedding. Good thing she managed to look for a video camera hire in able for me to see her wedding ceremony. She did sent the video to me as well as the pictures from the camera hire she put for the job. I was very thankful that although I wasn't there, it still felt like I was there because the captures from the video and picture were very real. I applaud my cousin for a great job in hiring professionals.

She said that the canon lens hire was the one who did most of the job. Because of the quality of their service the job was absolutely outstanding. According to her, every penny that she investment was all worth it because she was very happy with the outcome. I was also glad because I was able to see clear pictures and very detailed video from her wedding. A lesson to learn hire professionals to do job to get a job well done output.

Fun Day With Ali

I took this picture one day when our precious one was playing with Ali at the house. She sure had some fun that day and since then, Ali always come for a visit to play with her. Our angel is now making new friend and she really like mingling with some other kids which is good. That way she could establish friendship at a very younger and will also help her growth and develop.

She will be turning 7 months old on the 17th of this month. Wow! time flies. It was like yesterday when I gave birth to a beautiful baby and now she growing like a weed. My husband and I are very happy that she is a joyful child. We are very proud of her and nothing compares to the feeling seeing your child's development everyday. I was once ask on how it is to be a mother. I told it was hard but sure a lot of fun. It is tiring but it is all worth it and I will never get sick and tired to take good care of my precious daughter. I love her so much.