Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping Myself Busy

Been trying to keep myself busy and hopefully I won't overdo Well I was just fixing some stuff, watch my show and been eating.,,hehehehehe..Nothings really planned for today, well actually last night I was thinking of doing my laundry today but of course and as usual I forgot about do it tomorrow then. Hope you guys had a great day.

Walking Tours - New York

As a new resident here in the United States, I wanted to see different places and visit different state. I have been to Kansas already, passed Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, New Orleans and I already forgot some of the state that my husband and I have been. We are planning to visit Vegas and New York one day. I have read about walking tours new york which I find it so amazing and thrilling. I my husband and I will enjoy touring around New York. For sure food and beautiful scenery will be expected.