Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Production Company

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Typhoon Ondoy Hits Manila Area

This are just 2 of the pictures I got from the Philippine News about the typhoon "Ondoy" that hits the area of Manila Saturday September 26, 2009. I feel so devastated of what my fellow countrymen is facing right now. A lot of them have lost their home and lives. As I was watching the news, the update was, their were 106 people died already from the typhoon and a lot of people are still missing. Until now volunteers, Military men and some organization are continuously helping our fellow Filipinos on the said tragedy. They are giving away goods for the victim of typhoon "Ondoy". Retrival operation is still on going and as the day goes by, a lot of dead bodies are being recovered. I pity for those family who lost their loved ones for this typhoon that hits their area. I hope they can survive this another tragedy that came in their lives and surpass everything. My prayers are with them. According to the news, the typhoon "Ondoy" is now approaching Vietnam area but another low pressure area is sighted on the Phillipine area of responsibility again and expected to be another typhoon that will hit the Philippines by Thursdays. Oh God please help them.