Friday, June 3, 2011

Government Resume

Aiming for a higher position to get a job is not unusual. Dreaming to be employed in a multi billion company is a dream come true, but are those jobs easy to reach, it may or may not. Higher education typically is the number requirement to get a descent job and stable one, but have you thought about applying for the government. This is another high ranking job too, but I am guessing it is not an easy one as well. I have heard that applying for a government position requires a detailed government resume. This is something different from the usual resume we do. It is kind of interesting on why it has to be different and why that hard to get the job. Well your good shot is to follow the guidelines thoroughly because they require more information from you. Approximately three pages and up, cover to cover resume. So it has to be impressive and very detailed in order to get the job.