Sunday, May 10, 2009

AC compressor

Summer is almost here and have you noticed, the weather is changing everyday. What I mean about changing everyday is, it is getting hotter and hotter and soon it's humid and can you imagine that? Well, yes because I myself can relate. An air conditioner really helps a lot during this season but how about when you are out or have to buy something in the store, has your car has an air conditioner? Better be. Check your AC Compressor regularly and make sure it's working before you burn inside your car. Also visit for assistance on this matter.

Great Sunday

It was a fine day today. We went to the church and as always it's great to be in the house of God praising him. The service went great. When we got home, I took a nap then when I woke up I worked on the yard, mowed and water my plants. Well I am a little tired and ready for bed. I hope you guys had a wonderful day today and have a good night..Ciao