Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Improvement

We are living in my parents in law's house right now. Their house is a duplex style. They occupy the other side of the house and we just occupied the other half of the house. We did some home improvement on our side by repainting it and rearranging it. First we remove all the stuff that are in our living room. We cleaned the wall and ceiling to be painted. The next day we start painting already and it felt good seeing our living room looks new again. Even though we are still on the process of turning it into a nice and comfortable living room, I felt that it will turn out the way I like and it did. I love my living room and I love being there. Of course we can't do it without the tips on how to do it especially in choosing the best color and the best design we could get. For more tips visit Home Improvement Blog now.


I was out today to run some errands. I paid our bills and mailed stuff that I need to mail including the stuff that my baby want. I hope it gets there on time. Still we do some yard work today. It is very tiring and my back is aching. Wheewww.. But I am resting now and just watching tv. How about you guys? How are you all doing?