Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hair Treatment Today

For how many months since I had my hair cut, I had it today. The original plan was just to trim it down but when I looked at it, I was kinda bothered that it was so dry and looks messy..Lol.. So I decided to have a hair treatment specifically hair straightening. Yes for over a year, I had it again. The last time I had a hair treatment was before I left the Philippines. I was happy with the outcome though but how I wish I didn't cut it short..Lol..Oh well, it will grow back anyway..Have to get it done before I deliver the baby because I know my world will be so busy when the baby gets here..Hehehehe!!I feel better though and has that light feeling in my head..Lol..

Monday, December 28, 2009

CoooooooooLLLLLLLddddddddd go away!

It's been how many days now since I've been dealing with my cold. It is terrible, especially in the morning. I can't breathe sometimes and it's just giving me a hard time. My eyes are watery and I kept sneezing from time to time..Oh No!!..Probably the weather has something to do with it. Good thing I am not running a temperature though but it's just so uncomfortable. I am not really taking any for this but water. This might (water therapy) help I guess and it's hard to take something especially if your pregnant. Oh God please help me and hope this cold will go away soon.

With my pregnancy, I am on my 34th week now. Yeah the time is getting closer and I am experiencing those uncomfortable feeling everyday. I am having a hard time getting up in bed, sit down, put my socks on or even taking a shower. Oh pregnancy! Leg cramps is killing me as well as lower back pain. Wheewww!! Hope things will get better soon and I cannot wait to deliver our baby hehehehe..especially now that I am experiencing terrible things with this pregnancy..Wheeww!!!drives me crazy sometimes...Lol..Oh well it won't be long now and the baby will be here and for sure I will be busy taking good care of her and my hubby. Hope you guys had a wonderful day and have a great evening.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas. This is my second Christmas here in the United States now but I am still missing our traditional Christmas in the Philippines. Oh well, I am still happy because I have the most wonderful gifts in my life - my husband and our first baby coming in on February. I couldn't ask for more and they are best Christmas gift I've ever had in my life..

Enjoy the holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling Crappy

I really feel crappy today. Well, since last night I guess. My sinuses are running. My head is like spinning and really got a bad headache last. I was up til 2am because I was feeling uncomfortable, hot and just can't sleep. Wheeww!.. I don't know, I just feel like I am going to get sick anytime. Oh I hope not. Right now I am feeling so weak and just wanted to get some rest and sleep. Will do though in a while. My eyes were also tired. Have no idea why. Maybe because I've read to much last night or were just tired of trying to get some sleep..Wheewww!


My husband and I are planning to invest on a Short Term Insurance. We discussed, that if we take this route, we can save more money to our budget. Short term meaning, we will not be tied for a long time on a certain bills we are paying. To me, it is a good option though because it will make our lives a lot more convenient and our resources will be a lot more available with this route. This will also help us achieve our goals more easier and more faster. We may be doubling what we are paying now with this route but the good thing is, we will only be responsible for a short span of time then we can breath again from all the bills that we have. This will be a huge relief to our finances. We can really use some extra money right now especially when the baby is here.

G-Force Movie

I am so looking forward in getting my DVD that I have purchased last in the mail one of this days. I can't wait to see this movie. I know the movie is funny and cute because I saw the trailer already and oh my, it's adorable. Have you seen it yet? Well you better your copy now before they're gone..Hehehehe


Liposuction might be one of the option any individual could think if he/she is so desperate to loss some weight. Don't get me wrong though. I am not against this process and in fact it is a way of helping individuals gain their self esteem back. Way back in my country ( Philippines ). I have heard somebody ( mostly artist though ) had undergone this procedure. In her story, she said she was so down and pity herself because of her body figure. She doesn't want to go in the public and doesn't want anyone to see her. She buried herself in her house and made her very unhealthy. I do not blame her though because I had experiencing having an excessive weight before but overcome it in a matter of time. She is wealthy enough to do the procedure and that's what she did. I still saw her over the internet and I was very surprise with the changes that they made through liposuction and she was very happy with the result. She's back to her normal self now and very confident to face the world.

Got It On The Mail

I finally got the set of books that I've purchased for my husband at Amazon. I am so impressed the way they packed the items and very amazed that send along an organizer for the books. I hope my husband will like 'em though and will find the story so interesting. I also have my own set and was delivered yesterday and started reading it right away. Man, I can't take the book out of my hands and just wanted to read it and finish it right away..Lol. The story is quite similar on the movie but in the movie, it has a little twist which is not quite far in the book. I cannot wait to finish book 1 and start reading book 2..Hehehehe! That's it for now! Have a great day!

Amazing Intellect

A friend of mine mentioned about the web site design Utah before. It fascinates me on how she was so incline on this kind of interest. I don't blame her though because working on the computer is fun. Yes she designs different website on her own but got really interested and started researching for a source to her interest and this is what she found. I have not heard from her since then. I am sure she's very busy now because the last time I've heard from her, she took it as a full time job. Well, being a web designer is not an easy task but I know she is happy because what she's doing is what makes her happy and put so much love into it. I applaud her for this kind of talent and intellect.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OBGYN's Appointment

I just had my OB/GYN's appointmet today and everything went well on my check up. The baby is doing just fine. Got to hear her heartbeat today too. My Doctor said that everything is normal and wanted me back after a couple of weeks. She just measured my fundal size a while ago and the baby's heartbeat and everything looks normal. I am happy to hear that. On my next appointment, she's gonna do the group B strep test. I think she's doing a vaginal examine so I have to prepare for that..Lol.. After that appointment, Ill be check weekly. Wow! that fast and D-day is really getting closer and closer. I am getting real anxious and real excited now. I only gained a pound since my last appointment. Oh well! That's what happen today guys!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas At The Church

We had a great Christmas dinner at the church last night. Everyone was there and were sharing their best Christmas ever. I didn't get to tell mine because I got shy but to me, most of my Christmases are memorable especially when I met my husband, that was the most wonderful gift I've ever had and the best thing ever happen to me. And this years Christmas is a lot more meaningful for both of us because we are expecting our first child. She is very precious to us and can't wait to see her soon.

Everyone at the church had so much fun last night. The foods were great as usual and everyone just gathered up and chit chat. After our dinner we also had a baby shower for Ms. Karen's daughter. She was so surprised and so thankful of what the church did. But that's all Christmas is all about. Sharing and giving. I will be next in line on this baby shower thing..Hehehehe..I am excited at the same time anxious for this pregnancy to be over and see our baby..

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

In Need Of A New Bed

I am so bothered sometimes when something is crawling in our bed. It is so annoying and at the same time scary. It keeps me awake all night and afraid that it may go inside my ears or nose. I told my hubby about it and tell you what, I was not the only one experiencing it but him as well. He told me that we would probably need to replace our bed as soon as possible before things gets worst and I agree to that. Right now we can't afford to buy one yet because of a stiff budget but we are very open into every beds for sale we can get a hold off. As long as we can save some money and at the same could replace our bed, that would be awesome. Now that we are open to anything we could get, we are saving every nickel and dimes we have to buy the bed we needed as soon as possible and hopefully we will get it before the first of the year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally Purchased The Books

As I've mentioned earlier that I am planning to purchase the twilight book series - all 4 of them, for my husband this Christmas. Yes, I finally purchased the books this morning. Kinda sad and happy feeling though. Why? Sad because I was late on purchasing the books which is a lot more cheaper if I purchased them yesterday. But happy because it was on only 5 bucks additional for my purchase..Lol..Oh I can't wait to receive the books and mail it to my husband on the boat. Hopefully he will like the books and will enjoy reading it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twilight Book Series

My husband and I went to Big Lots one day and bought the 1st dvd of the twilight movie. I told him that I wanted to watch the new moon movie and have told me that we have to watch the 1st dvd first and so we did. My God, the movie is fantastic and very interesting. We loved watching it and can't wait to buy the 2nd dvd which is the new moon. Having said so, my husband starts talking about the book. He was like, the movie is great, now what more with the book series. He likes to read and he said the book is a lot more detailed on there stories compared to the movie..Lol..Well honestly, I am very lazy in reading but I just thought of buying him the whole series of the book. I might read it too because I was very fascinated with the movie itself..Lol. I already found the cheapest price I could get..Hehehehe..These are brand new and hard cover book series of the twilight. I hope he will like it because he has no idea that I am buying him another gift for Christmas..Hehehehe..I can't wait to purchase this books and can't wait for my hubby to receive them.

Friday, November 6, 2009

We're Having A Baby Girl

I have not posted this one yet but I had my OBGYN's appointment last October 26, 2009. They did a sonogram for the baby gender. The husband was there as well as my mother in law. The result was were having a baby girl..Whheeeeh!..So exciting and it get's me more excited when I see the excitement of my husband about the baby. I love watching him when he talk to the baby. I love watching him when he buy stuff for the baby and I love the feeling that my behalf is very excited..Our baby's name would be " Adelie Mae Erro Eaton". My hubby love my name so he wanted to use it on our baby's name which is fine with me. In fact "Adelie" is my grandmother's name. I was named after her because I was the first born child of the only boy in the family which is my father. "Mae comes from my husband's side. It is the middle name of his mom's side and been used from generations to generations. "Erro" is my family name when I was still single. Here in the states it uncommon to have two names but to our baby we will be following the filipino tradition which happen to be the middle name of the mother's maiden name.

Monday, October 26, 2009

1st Year Anniversary

One year and counting. It has been a year when we got married and things are doing great. We are a very happy couple and expectant parents to a baby girl soon. I am very grateful to have a husband like Forest Wayne. He is everything to me and I couldn't ask for more. Our love has grown and becomes stronger and stronger everyday. We get closer as the day passes by and I am loving it. I love you so much baby ko and Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Microsoft Strikes Search Deals With Twitter, Facebook

Microsoft has reached collaboration agreements with Twitter and Facebook to get their members' public status updates and messages indexed and presented in useful ways on the Bing search engine. Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft's Online Audience Business, made the announcement on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The partnership with Twitter has it working with Microsoft to optimize how Bing crawls and indexes "tweets." Microsoft in turn will apply search algorithms to the Twitter messages, so that Bing users will not only be able to see a real-time feed of "tweets" but also rank them by how relevant they are to their query, Mehdi said. "This is a big deal we've been working on for a long time," Mehdi said. To rank "tweets" by relevance, a feature Microsoft calls "Best Match," Bing will take into consideration a number of factors, such as who are the authors of the messages based on a "social relevance" score Bing will assign to them, Mehdi said. Bing will also evaluate the message's quality, noticing, for example, if it contains a link to an online article or Web page. It will also take into consideration how popular the message is by calculating how many times it has been "re-tweeted" by others. In addition to providing links to Twitter messages, Bing will extract the URLs of the pages that the messages are making reference to, so that users can go directly to that source of the information. When providing links to "tweets" that contain a shortened URL, Bing will put in parenthesis the main Web domain of the link, so that users know, before clicking, whether it's a reputable site and thus avoid landing in a malicious phishing or malware-laden site. Bing will also display a tag cloud of the most popular Twitter topics, so that users can click on and dive deeper into them. The Twitter deal is nonexclusive, so Twitter can strike similar agreements with other search engines. However, for now, Bing is ahead of Google with an optimized search experience for Twitter that is already live. Although Google remains by far the most popular search engine, Microsoft is making a big push to improve its position in this market, starting with Bing's launch in May and the broad search deal with Yahoo, which is awaiting regulatory approval. In addition to its core microblogging and social networking features, Twitter has emerged as a repository of real-time testimonies on whatever is on people's minds, such as news stories of global importance, celebrity gossip and hot-button issues. As such, being able to capture, analyze and make sense of Twitter's stream of posts is seen as an important new area in the world of search engines. "We're super happy with the Twitter partnership," said Qi Lu, president of Microsoft's Online Services Division, who was also on stage being interviewed by conference moderator Tim O'Reilly. Lu declined to disclose financial details of the deal. He also said he wasn't sure on its duration. Neither Mehdi nor Lu said much about the Facebook arrangement, other than to indicate that it will be similar in nature to Twitter's but that it will be implemented at a later date. It will be interesting to see what shape the Facebook agreement takes, considering that Facebook allows individual members to make only basic profile information available via search engine results. Facebook has indicated it may let members make their profiles open to anyone on the Web, including their status updates, but that hasn't happened yet. Twitter, on the other hand, is a much more open service and most of its users make public their "tweets," messages that can't be longer than 140 characters. Microsoft and Facebook have an existing partnership through which Microsoft provides Web search and search ads to Facebook.

Back Up

When you do computer work more often it is smart thing to do to have a back up all the time because will never know when is our computer gonna crashed. And speaking of back up exchange recovery is one great tool to use to protect data on your files. Make sure you have it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shopping With Hubby

What a day yesterday. My husband and I went shopping for my maternity clothes after our dinner. In fact, it was not part of the plan but he came across this shop and found a very affordable Juicy Maternity Jeans for me to use throughout my pregnant. That is so sweet. We bought 2 maternity jeans, they fit well and I love 'em. I had 1 maternity skirt that I could wear to the church and 2 very comfortable dresses that I could use at home. Thank you baby ko!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playing Poker

Do you play poker? Well I don't because I do not know how to play it. I am interested to learn though and Texas Holdem is definitely the right place for me. The reason why I wanted to learn because my husband and I use to go to a Casino and play but I always end up watching him playing poker. That's an actual play but for my practice and get to know more about the game Texas holdem is the website that I should hang out with to learn. They've got helpful tips to get started. I can't wait to learn.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

God is good all the time

Psalms 46:1 "God is my refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble"

The word of God is very powerful in many ways. He always let us know that he is always there for us whenever we need him. God had never abandoned any of his child and will always help his child in times of need.

God has proven a lot in everyone's lives. He is our King, we sanctify him, he is a friend, A father, our redeemer and most especially he loves us.

Have faith in God and put him at the center of your life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Production Company

Are you looking for video production company? 522 Productions is definitely the right company for you. They are the professional video production company that specializes in digital video production services that produces high quality video production as their specialty. They always want to make sure that you grow and get the right services that you need. They are now leading the market in video production and been serving since 2004. They can provide you a high quality production whether TV commercial, documentary or Web video. Check out their website now and it is free to submit a proposal.

Typhoon Ondoy Hits Manila Area

This are just 2 of the pictures I got from the Philippine News about the typhoon "Ondoy" that hits the area of Manila Saturday September 26, 2009. I feel so devastated of what my fellow countrymen is facing right now. A lot of them have lost their home and lives. As I was watching the news, the update was, their were 106 people died already from the typhoon and a lot of people are still missing. Until now volunteers, Military men and some organization are continuously helping our fellow Filipinos on the said tragedy. They are giving away goods for the victim of typhoon "Ondoy". Retrival operation is still on going and as the day goes by, a lot of dead bodies are being recovered. I pity for those family who lost their loved ones for this typhoon that hits their area. I hope they can survive this another tragedy that came in their lives and surpass everything. My prayers are with them. According to the news, the typhoon "Ondoy" is now approaching Vietnam area but another low pressure area is sighted on the Phillipine area of responsibility again and expected to be another typhoon that will hit the Philippines by Thursdays. Oh God please help them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Hand Car

Do you plan to buy a second hand car for your transportation, is definitely the right place for you. They have a massive database of used cars just for you. They offer the cheapest prices for second hand car from private individual, used dealerships and independent dealerships. They guarantee that the cost of the secondhand cars on Buy Your Car is competitive. To me a second hand car is definitely a good choice especially with our current economy right now. My friend just bought a second hand car a month ago and she got no problem with it and she said that her car is perfect and way helpful with her transportation everyday for her work. Someday I will have mine and same thing I will buy a second hand car.


It is almost late but I am still up, I just can't take my laptop away from me right now. I am thinking a lot of things and trying to figure out what to do to achieve my goals, which I have been trying for a while now. It is just hard to think sometimes especially if you are pressured or your not really into it. But whether I like it or not I have to do it because it is the only option to help caught up with the current situation we are in right now. I hope I can do this without putting myself in bad shape including the baby because I really want to pursue this and that requires a dedication to work for a long time in front of the computer and staying up late at night. Well, probably I just have to manage my time. Allocate an amount of time to each each job that I'm working without overdoing myself. Have a great evening everyone.


Real Property Management is definitely the place to go when you are ready to own a property. This actually the name of the company that services single family homes, condos, apartment buildings, store fronts, and Homeowner associations. You check out their awesome services and testimonial from their clients on how good they in providing services for whosoever in need of property, whether it is commercial property or residential property. You can even get a free quote online when you visit their website. Check it out

Hell's Kitchen With Chef Ramsey

Hell's kitchen is the hottest show on television right now. It is not just an entertainment but a competition as well. Many desired chefs gathered on this show to win a quarter of a million and will get to manage one of Chefs Ramsey's restaurant. I like the show so much because of the way Chef Ramsey train those chefs and have them ready to a more realistic world of cooking. If you guys are following the show, you definitely know what I am talking about.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping Myself Busy

Been trying to keep myself busy and hopefully I won't overdo Well I was just fixing some stuff, watch my show and been eating.,,hehehehehe..Nothings really planned for today, well actually last night I was thinking of doing my laundry today but of course and as usual I forgot about do it tomorrow then. Hope you guys had a great day.

Walking Tours - New York

As a new resident here in the United States, I wanted to see different places and visit different state. I have been to Kansas already, passed Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, New Orleans and I already forgot some of the state that my husband and I have been. We are planning to visit Vegas and New York one day. I have read about walking tours new york which I find it so amazing and thrilling. I my husband and I will enjoy touring around New York. For sure food and beautiful scenery will be expected.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OBGYN Appointment

Went to my doctor's appointment today and everything went well. The baby is doing great, I am up to 108 pounds now which is not normal because I was 110 pounds before I got pregnant. I was just so sick during my first trimister and puts me down to 93 pounds. But now I am gaining it back and still has to gain more. I mean the required weight for the whole pregnancy. I am excited because on my next appointment, will do the sonogram for the gender. Hopefully the baby will cooperate. They will also do a glucose test as well as flu shots..Wheewww..Well that's a month from now to prepare. That's all the happenings today guys. Have a great evening.

Honda Gold Wing

My husband and I had a conversation about a motorcycle. I told him that I really want to have one in the future. I love motorcycle and have been driving since I was 9 years old. He doesn't really want to buy a motorcycle for me for safety purposes because he knew my driving skills..Lol..To compromise with my desire to have a motorcycle, he will buy a Honda gold wing. He said it will make him less worried with this kind of motorcycle. Well, I don't blame him but I will take the deal. Having the said motorcycle I have to stock some honda goldwing parts too just in case problem arises. It is better to prepared than nothing. would be the best place to get my motorcycle parts. There are over 30,000 different motorcycle parts and accessories to fully customize my ride. Brand name parts up to 60% off for all makes and models like Cruisers, Harleys, Sport Bikes, & Goldwings. Check it out!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Few minutes from now it is my beloved husbands birthday Forest Wayne Eaton. It is 11:58pm and how I wish his here. He went back to work today but he will be home soon. To my mahal ko, I thank God since the day you were born. I amm so lucky to have a husband like you and so proud to be your wife. I wish you good health and more birthdays to come. I will always love you for the rest of our lives and you are the best thing ever happened to me. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KO...MWAH

1st Year in the United States

I almost forgot to post this. It is quite late but it is better late that never. September 3rd marks my first year here in the United States. I can't believe it that I have been here for a year now. Time really runs so fast. I still like it here, although sometimes there were ups and downs in our lives which is normal but we are able to manage it. I am very happy that I am here because I am with the person that I truly love. I am looking forward to many more years to come and still it is very overwhelming that I am here. Feel so lucky that I a one of those who were given an opportunity to see the world of the land of US of A.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is known for selling watches. They have a huge selection of the finest watches that you want with trendy style and color. They have watches for men and women as well as unisex watches. Patek Philippe is a company that stands for quality and reliability. Their watches will undergo a severe testing observation before putting them in the market. Choose from classic to casual watches or dress to sports watch. This watches are great for gifts, souvenirs, collection and investment. What more do you need. Check with Patek Philippe watches now and get the kind of watch you desire.

Busy Day

We are quite busy today. We've been out since this morning and looking for pennies for our collection, luckily we found some and were happy about it. We are also watching the football replay and probably take a nap shortly. Have a great day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gaming Forum

As we all know online games are very popular right now. A lot of people were patronizing it. Mostly are teens but even adults too for past time. I have tried some online games as well but I haven't really seen an online game that has a gaming forum like It is amazing how they have created this forum for all gamers and shares their opinions or meet new friends from different parts of the world. You will for sure learn a lot on this forum where all online gaming enthusiast met and share everything they know in the world of online games. Check it out!


Today marks the 8th year since the 9/11 attack. Heroes were remembered and a ceremony was offered. Still in the hearts and minds of many people the tragedy that happened way back 2001 on the twin tower. Let us always remember the heroes of this tragedy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mac to Windows Compatibility without Compromise

When buying a PC, I always check if programs are up to date and if it is compatible to my operating system. Yes I am computer junky and I don't want to encounter any trouble in my computer, who else does. I have read about an ad regarding mac to windows compatibility without compromising it's system. But now they have this new program that fundamental differences between the Mac and Windows operating systems can make this integration a challenge with the most advanced compatibility between Mac desktops and Windows servers. Check it out now and read the thorough information about this matter that will help you choose the more convenient program for you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Sunday!

It was a great day today. I feel great and feel like working on my stuff. Well blogging is one and will fix some things later and clean our living room. I am missing my baby although I am keeping myself busy but still his always in my mind. I really wait til he gets off the boat. I hope everyone is having a good time with their family and friends. Happy Sunday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Term Life Insurance

Protecting our family in the future is the top most priority of every individual. Yes, it is very important to secure your loved one to a certain circumstances that will occur unexpectedly. One is to buy a quality term life insurance with great coverage and a protection for the future of your family.


Today we woke up early to clean the back room that is going to be mom and dad's room. I am so tired. My back is aching and having a slight abdominal pain. I am scared because I was lifting some light weight things a while ago but I think I forced myself too much. I hope our baby is okay. I plan to just take a rest today. Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free TV Shows Online

There's a new free television online where you can watch tons of shows. This is the Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free. Yes, it's free and will love the different kinds of shows you can watch as much as you can. From sports to entertainment to action movies and news. Check it out now!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rant PATH Train Fire Stops Transit

A fire in Journal Square has stopped PATH train service between New Jersey and New York. PATH train service will continue to be suspended for some time. You can find more information at the official Port Authority of New Jersey and New York website.

According to news reports, PATH train service was suspended because of an electrical fire in the main Journal Square control center in Jersey City. It’s unclear when the PATH trains will start moving again, but a Port Authority spokesperson has said that NJ transit will be honoring PATH tickets between Hoboken and New York. PATH trains first stopped service at 1:20 p.m. because of an electrical fire in the wiring at the control center in Jersey City.

Good Hygiene and clean surroundings

I always have this problem when I am cleaning the house. It's about cleaning the carpet. I don't know what do others do that they can maintain to clean their carpet but mine was a mess. All I want is to have a clean carpet, presentable when we have guest and looks great in our living room. I use to complain to my husband to change it with a new one but he there should be a way to clean it properly. Well, I wish I know how but still we haven't discovered a certain product or a certain service that will grant us with what we are wishing. It is important to me that my surroundings are clean. I mean in and out of the house. I believe in hygiene and cleanliness because it keeps us healthy and safe to any disease surrounding us. That's I am very meticulous when it comes to cleaning. My husband use to tell me I am so strict in our house cleanliness. Well I have to because it is for our own good. I know all of you will agree to that. Gratefully I found Austin Carpet Cleaning, the resolution to my problem. That offers services to clean carpet and has the same belief that I do. I am so glad and now I don't have to worry with my surroundings anymore especially in cleaning my carpet because I found a helping hand that meets my expectations.

Silver Morgan Dollar Coin

The Comstock Lode, the greatest silver strike in history, was discovered in Nevada in the late 1850s. The strike put downward pressure on silver prices worldwide. The greatest silver strike in history was followed by the greatest coinage boondoggle in history. In 1878, to protect the interest of the western states, Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act which required the Treasury Department to purchase large amounts of silver, and to strike it as coins. For reasons of economy, the Treasury chose to strike the silver as dollars. The mintage was far more than was needed in circulation. These excess silver dollars quickly began piling up. Some original mint bags of Morgan dollars remained in treasury vaults until the 1960s. This strange past has led to one of the greatest collectible series in American coins providing collectors with many dates and mint marks readily obtainable in mint state condition along with challenging rarities. The Morgan Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin. The dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and again for one more year in 1921. The Morgan Dollar is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who designed the obverse and reverse of the coin. Morgan's monogram appears near Lady Liberty's neck on the obverse. The dollar was authorized by the Bland- Allison Act of 1878. It has a fineness of .900, giving a total silver content of 0.77344 troy ounces (24.057 grams) per coin. When the Morgan Dollar was minted in 1878, it was the first dollar issued for American commercial use since the last Seated Liberty Dollar of 1873. The Trade Dollar was minted during this time period but was for trade in the orient. The Morgan Dollar was continuously minted until 1904 when the supply of Morgan Dollars in circulation was high and there was an absence of silver bullion. Then in 1918, the Pittman Act called for over 270 million coins to be melted for silver content. In 1921, the coinage of the Morgan Dollar resumed for that year and was replaced by the Peace Dollar commemorative that would become standard issue. Since 1921, many Morgan Dollars have been melted, mostly when silver prices escalate and they yield silver bullion. Caches of Morgan Dollars produced at the Carson City Mint were discovered and were sold to coin collectors by the federal government in the early 1970s. These dollars were un-circulated and are called GSAs (named after the General Services Administration) and come in holds that mimic the holds used for proof silver Eisenhower dollars.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Car Steering Dealer

Since, I practice driving now, I also spend time knowing the different parts of a vehicle and where to get it. The only part of a vehicle that I am good in memorizing is the power steering rack. Well it is very noticeable you will always see it whenever you are driving. But also I get curious to where I could find a dealer for the different part that I need just in case some parts of my vehicle break down. I found They have the huge selection of the different parts of a vehicle. That's great and I don't need to run around because I can order it online. Check it out!

Severe weather alerts across Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – A series of powerful and dangerous thunderstorms began roaring through western Oregon Thursday afternoon, prompting multiple warnings from the National Weather Service. A rare Tornado warning was issued briefly for parts of Marion County. In a rare move, the Rose Festival announced the closure of the Waterfront Village for the remainder of the evening. East of Salem, Highway 22 was delayed at Mill City due to multiple trees down along the highway. In Stayton, the Fire Department reported isolated trees and power lines down. In Albany, a KGW viewer captured a photo of lightning strikes over the city. ODOT reported trees down on Hwy 213 near Silverton. The right lane of I-5 NB was blocked by a downed tree at MP 268 was between Woodburn and Salem. KGW Chief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino said the storms were coming off the Cascades foothills and developing very rapidly. The storm was also causing power outages across western Oregon. At 5 p.m., PGE estimated that about 18,000 customers were without power Zaffino said the storms were developing at nearly 30,000 feet -- making an intense combination of wind, hail, rain and lightning. An intense line of radar activity could be seen from the Oregon Coast, through Albany and across the Cascade Range. The threat of thunderstorms was expected to last through about 9 p.m. A 14-year-old La Pine boy was in fair condition in a Portland hospital Thursday after he was struck by lightning on Wednesday outside a high school gymnasium in LaPine in Central Oregon. More than 5,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the state on Wednesday.


Just a thought if there's best places to be a nurse. Probably there is because best nurses won't exist if they are not a product of best schools. I salute every nurse I met because of their dedication. I was hospitalized several time and nurses has done an excellent job to keep me well. I wonder why I didn't take this profession but being a nurse is such a tough job. You have to be very attentive to your patient and know what you are doing because it is a matter of life and death of your patient. For me, nurses are the guardian angel of a certain patient because they always look over you and attend to your need all the time. They are like heroes that are always ready there for you and are always ready to help you and assist you whenever you need something. They are brilliant and very supportive. If you are interested on this profession. Make a thorough research. You can check any in style scrubs website to help you know more about this profession. Or if you are already on this profession and wanted to exercise it, you can check some interview tips for nursesto help you prepared anytime they call you for further details about you. Follow your calling now and make the best out of it.

Church building fund

It has been raining today so we didn't do much yard work but tomorrow and Saturday will be a busy day for us because we will be having a garage for the church. It's a fund raising garage sale for our church building. Hopefully we will do good for this 2 days sale and hopefully we can collect money for our church building. With God's help, we believe that everything will be great.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plastic Surgeons in you area

I have heard so much about plastic surgeons. I get so curious on what they do behind the operating room when they do the breast augmentation, lipo and cosmetic surgeries like that. Sometimes it makes me think, what if I will try one of the process, that would be great. Out of my curiosity, I did some research and found a website where I could locate the nearest plastic surgeons in our area. All you have to do is typed in your zipcode on the space provided on their website and they will give you all the information you need.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Forget the Lyrics' worth remembering to see tonight

Summertime Fridays are a dead zone for most networks, but Fox is trying. Tonight, it launches the summer run of "Lyrics." Rock star Meat Loaf teams with his daughter, Pearl Aday, as contestants. A week later, a new scripted show ("Mental") will follow at 8 p.m. Filling the spot tonight, Fox inserts a rerun of the terrific "House" season-opener. When the previous season ended, Amber (Wilson's loved one) had died. It was partly House's fault; now Wilson has quit his job and his friendship. Tonight's patient is the assistant to a hard-driving female executive. House spouts some nonsense (as he tends to) against feminism, while diagnosing her. Tonight's Might-See: "Everybody Hates Chris," 7 and 8 p.m., CW. This clever series -- with Chris Rock narrating a comic version of his boyhood -- has spent its fourth season buried in Friday obscurity. Here's a second chance to catch the start of the season. In the first episode, Chris starts high school in an all-white home room with a bigoted teacher. In the second, he'll help a classmate with home-ec skills, in exchange for being hooked up with a hot girl. Meanwhile, Chris' younger sister Tonya has trouble. In the first episode, she's too blunt while helping at the salon; in the second, she's supposed to take care of a neighbor's fish. Also, their mom is annoyed by the return of Tasha's mother, a talkative ex-con. Other choices include: "Ghost Whisperer," 7 p.m., CBS. This rerun offers a fresh worry for online users: A ghost is stalking young women who use a gaming site. Isn't there some sort of anti-virus for that? "Howie Do It," 7 and 7:30 p.m., NBC. In the first episode, a man with no singing or dancing talent is told he's competing in "Unisexy 5000," to form a new pop group; also, Howie Mandel plays an uncooperative concierge. The second includes a botched magic trick; Criss Angel guests. "Fred Claus" (2007), 7 p.m., HBO. Who knew that Santa Claus had a self-centered brother named Fred? He's played convincingly by Vince Vaughn, in a pleasant-enough comedy that has Paul Giamatti as Santa. "Unforgiven" (1992), 7-10 p.m., History Channel. Clint Eastwood directed this cowboy classic and plays a former gunman, trying one last job. The film is slow at times, but beautifully crafted. It won four Oscars (best picture, director and editing, plus Gene Hackman in support) and was nominated for five more. There's great work from Morgan Freeman, Frances Fisher, Richard Harris and more. "Flashpoint," 8 p.m., CBS. This rerun sees a man hold a courtroom captive, while trying to prove he was wrongly convicted."Numb3rs," 9 p.m., CBS. Expensive things are being stolen from a shipping service, in this rerun. Meanwhile, Don loses confidence in the FBI, after a colleague is killed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

4 design of 2009 Lincoln pennies

The United States Mint will mint and issue four different 2009 Lincoln pennies in recognition of the bicentennial birth of President Abraham Lincoln and the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent. While the obverse or heads side of the penny remains unchanged, the new reverse designs beautifully portray facets of Lincoln’s life, with the first cent officially launched into circulation on Feb. 12, at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

2009 Lincoln Pennies

2009 Lincoln Cent Design One

2009 Lincoln Cent Design Four
2009 Lincoln Cent Design Two

When the first 2009 penny was issued on Lincoln’s birthday, Feb. 12, it marked the first redesign of the cent in 50 years. At the time the 2009 Lincoln cent designs were first revealed, United States Mint Director Ed Moy said:

“This is a momentous occasion in the history of our Nation’s coinage because these designs represent the first change in the Lincoln cent in half a century.

These coins are a tribute to one of our greatest Presidents whose legacy has had a lasting impact on our country. He believed all men were created equal, and his life was a model for accomplishing the American dream through honesty, integrity, loyalty, and a lifetime of education.”

Each penny will be released into general circulation at approximately three-months intervals throughout 2009. Although the US Mint has not officially declared exact release dates, the expected launch dates for the second, third and fourth penny are May 14, Aug. 13 and Nov. 12.

At the conclusion of the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Program — years 2010 and beyond — the one-cent coin will feature a reverse design that will be "emblematic of President Lincoln’s preservation of the United States of America as a single and united country."

2009 Lincoln Silver Dollars further honor America’s revered leader. The United States Mint has struck collector proof and uncirculated silver coins with a limited total mintage of 500,000.

2009 Lincoln Silver Dollars

Lincoln Silver Dollar Proof Coin
Lincoln Silver Dollar Uncirculated Coin

In the first week of sales alone, 116,558 of the proofs and 61,164 of the uncirculated coins were purchased by collectors. By the second week, nearly half of the authorized mintage was sold.

The Lincoln coins were authorized through the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, which was signed into law (Public Law 109-145) on Dec. 22, 2005 by President George Bush.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Survivor series comes to an end

I was watching the survivor series last night and geee!.. I really like the tribal councils result. Finally "Coach " is four cast away were left. On Sunday it's the finale of the series and I am excited to know who is the real survivor on this series. What I am hoping to win is JT. He has done a great job on this tribal and his a very tough competitor. Hopefully he will win but all will depend on the juries vote.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heel Stick: Genetic Screening

The Heel Stick test is a genetic analysis performed on newborn babies to screen for potentially fatal genetic disorders.

Why do I need a Heel Stick test for my baby?

Although your living family may not have certain genetic disorders it is not out of the realm of possibility that a recessive gene may have become active in your child. The test can prevent permanent disability, mental retardation and in some cases death.

How are Heel Stick tests performed?

The Heel Stick test is done soon after you child is born, usually within the first 48 hours. Your baby’s heel is pricked and a few drops of blood are taken for analysis; the nurse collects nine or ten drops of blood and ships the sample to a lab to get tested. It is often wise to get your baby tested multiple times in order to produce the most accurate results.What disorders are tested for?

There are five categories of disorders that are screened:

Amino acid metabolism disorders
Babies with amino acid metabolism disorders, as the name suggests, have problems metabolizing certain amino acids. Babies born with amino acid metabolism disorders have missing or defective enzymes that metabolize proteins. The amino acids either are not broken down or the body cannot transport the amino acids into the cells. As a result, amino acids or nitrogen (a component of amino acids) build up in the body to toxic levels. Amino acid metabolism disorders include Phenylketonuria(PKU), Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), Homocystinuria (HCY), Citrullinemia (CIT), Argininosuccinic academia (ASA), and Tyrosinemia type I (TYR I).

Organic Acid Metabolism Disorders

Babies with organic acid metabolism disorders cannot process certain branched amino acids. Babies born with this disorder do not produce the enzymes or have malfunctioning enzymes that do not break down these amino acids properly. As a result, organic acids build up to toxic level in the body. Some organic acid metabolism disorders that your baby might be screened for are Isovaleric academia (IVA), Glutaric acidemia type I (GA I), and Hydroxymethylglutaric aciduria or HMG-CoA lyase (HMG).

Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders
Fatty acid oxidation refers to the way your body breaks down fat. Fat is broken down in several steps and requires a number of enzymes. If one of the enzymes in this process is not working properly the body cannot turn fat into energy for the body. The body’s main source of energy is glucose, but if there is no glucose available, your body turns to fat for energy. Babies with fatty acid oxidation disorders have malfunctioning enzymes so their bodies cannot turn fat into energy. Some examples of fatty acid oxidation disorders that your baby might be screened for are Long Chain 3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (LCHAD), Medium Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MCAD), Short Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (SCAD), Trifunctional Protein Deficiency (TFP Deficiency), or Very Long Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (VLCAD).

Hemoglobinopathies and sickle cell disease
Hemoglobinopathies and sickle cell disease are disorders caused by abnormal hemoglogin, a protein in red blood cells that is responsible for transporting oxygen to the body. Babies with these hemoglobinopathies may have problems with red blood cell production resulting in anemia (shortage of red blood cells) or produce abnormally shaped red blood cells that cause problems in blood circulation and damage easily. These disorders include sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia, and Hb S/C disease.

Other disorders

Other disorders your baby might be screened for include Congenital hypothyroidism (a hormone deficiency that causes problems with growth and brain development), Biotinidase deficiency, Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (an endocrine disorder that affects hormone production from the adrenal gland), or Cystic Fibrosis (a life threatening disease that causes mucous secretions in the lungs to become thick causing severe respiratory problems).

If your baby tests positive during the Heel Stick screening you will need to bring your child in for additional testing. The tests are very sensitive so false positives are a common occurrence. You may need to consult a genetic specialist or pediatrician to entirely diagnose your child.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Job seekers

When I was working before, I was into sales. But I quit and left the Philippines for the States. Now I am back to zero. I do want to start a job soon especially that I already got my employment authorization which legally binds me to take a job. I am not picky when it comes to finding a job but I think I will excel more on the experiences that I have on sales. So right now I am into sales job search. I found this great website online that helps you find a job that fits for you. It is very easy, no hassle and gives you hope that you will really find a job. So job seekers out there, check it out.

The unbeatable lawyers

The siblings and lawyers had invaded the finale of "amazing race" last night. I really though that Luke and his mom is going to win because they were way ahead of the race but Luke got confused and was destructed on his last 2 pieces of the task and Victor got a head of him. It was an awesome ending. Winners were declared on a fair game and these amazing siblings had truly lead the game.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

AC compressor

Summer is almost here and have you noticed, the weather is changing everyday. What I mean about changing everyday is, it is getting hotter and hotter and soon it's humid and can you imagine that? Well, yes because I myself can relate. An air conditioner really helps a lot during this season but how about when you are out or have to buy something in the store, has your car has an air conditioner? Better be. Check your AC Compressor regularly and make sure it's working before you burn inside your car. Also visit for assistance on this matter.

Great Sunday

It was a fine day today. We went to the church and as always it's great to be in the house of God praising him. The service went great. When we got home, I took a nap then when I woke up I worked on the yard, mowed and water my plants. Well I am a little tired and ready for bed. I hope you guys had a wonderful day today and have a good night..Ciao

Friday, May 8, 2009

Void Phone System

If you have business, you always want things covered and updated. You have to use a certain tool or software to make your business more accessible, more upgraded, more inviting, easy to find with excellent communication. One system that can help business owners to run their business properly VOIP Phone Systems. This is a downloadable piece of software that you install on a computer or laptop and once downloaded all you need is a USB or blue tooth headset for voice communication and your PC is now also your VoIP phone. This is the software that most businesses use now with an active agent getting all the data that goes to their system.


I am so tired. Today we were over at Mr. Jim's property and help clean out. It's so tiring gathering the tree trunks and branches to the burn pile. Wheewww! The sun is up while we were working and it really hot. We will still help them in the next few days.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer time, landscaping time

Albuquerque Landscaping Company is one of many company that offer landscaping job. They have been on this field of expertise for over 5 years now and they continue to provide great work and excellent performance to each work done. They are designed with the most comprehensive landscape services at competitive rates. These services are available on a on time or annual basis. Through their one time service, they will come to your property, analyze your needs, and then present a comprehensive proposal. With their annual contracts, they will provide a landscape maintenance services at regularly scheduled weekly intervals. They specialized in albuquerque landscaping, outdoor landscaping and many more. As a landscaping company, they will do everything and anything you want done on your property. Since summer is here, Albuquerque Landscaping Company is the right place to go for your landscaping need. As to what people do this season, it is the perfect partner to work with in getting things done on your property. With a very competitive rates, excellent service, great work, experienced stuff what more could you ask for. This is a great deal and a great opportunity to work with them with a very great result in return. Check it out now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

MU student helps rally for Invisible Children in Chicago

Hundreds of people from across the globe gathered in Chicago on Thursday to spread the word about children's rights in Uganda, Africa. The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers event hosted by Invisible Children was held Saturday in 100 cities across the world, including Huntington. However, Chicago is the last city to be officially rescued, and Invisible Children supporters rallied to the city to help. Brittney Withrow, sophomore international affairs major from Charleston and vice president of the Marshall Invisible Children subchapter, elected to miss all of her classes this week to travel to Chicago to help the city get rescued. "I am the only one from West Virginia here," Withrow said. "There are people here from all over the country. So many college students are here, and they have skipped classes, moved finals and have had papers pushed back. Some have even lost their jobs already. We aren't leaving until we are rescued." Cities must secure media, a government official and a celebrity in order to be rescued. Withrow said the group of about 450 supporters wants either Oprah Winfrey or President Barack Obama to rescue them. Withrow said the group posted a video on YouTube that called for Winfrey to address the cause and rescue the city. The supporters sang, "Oprah, come rescue us in the name of love" in the video. They also rallied outside of Winfrey's office building and broadcast a live newsfeed on The site received more than 1,000 hits per minute, Withrow said. Withrow said she hopes Winfrey or Obama will address the situation soon and said the crises in Uganda are often overlooked. Ian Sullivan, junior history major from Huntington and subchapter president, said Huntington was rescued Monday by U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall. Withrow said she chose to head to Chicago after Huntington was rescued. Withrow said a group of "rescue riders" from various U.S. cities helped rescue Huntington and said she wanted to do the same thing to help out another city. She said the group plans to stay for as long as possible to show its support and encourage others to acknowledge General Joseph Kony's injustices toward children. The group is mimicking what children in Uganda hope for every day - to be rescued. "Giving up on doing this would be giving up on the children," Withrow said.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Single Mom dating

Being a single mom is a tough job. You have to do everything in order to live especially your kid/kids. But have you ever thought to find somebody to be your partner for life or you find it hard to do so. Well, worry no more because single mom dating website is now here to help you find your lifetime partner. This website is not only for single mom out there but also for single dad. Check it out now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Recap

Adam Lambert needs more “American Idol” praise like Michael Phelps needs another Olympic gold medal. But, according to Paula Abdul, Adam is the Michael Phelps of “Idol” and he was the one contestant who really earned the praise Tuesday night. Everyone was good on Tuesday night, which is going to make the Wednesday final four decision tough. I disagree with Simon on his assessment of Allison Iraheta. She was my favorite after Adam. Her smoky voice made “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” pretty close to unique. I say pretty close because the whole night I was waiting for someone to do what the judges keep saying they want: Make a song unique, original, fresh, contemporary. These complaints didn’t come up a lot on Rat Pack night, even though the songs everyone except Adam sang them pretty much as they came off the shelves. And no, I don’t think Danny Gokey could make an album of those songs. Come on. Yes, everyone gets caught up in the contestants while they’re on the show, but think about past seasons. When the season is over, people vote with their wallets and they vote for good pop songs, not for the cutest guy on stage. Adam gave “Feeling Good” a rocker spin. God knows why he did it in a Saturday Night Fever suit, but so be it. Jamie Foxx, the night’s mentor, said “The way he sung that song right now, he’s going to knock everybody’s head off.” “Absolutely incredible man,” he said to Adam, during the rehearsal time. “You don’t care who I am at all.” But Adam said he was closing his eyes while he sang because he couldn’t forget that it was Jamie Foxx right there. (At least he didn’t get up in Adam’s “grill” the way he did for Danny Gokey and his fresh breath.) Jamie said Adam took him up and took him down.

Jamie: “I’m crying. He can sing with the best of them. And he’s going to be great.”

And he was.

Randy Jackson: It was a little theatrical and a little too Broadway for me, but you are in the zone consistently dude.

Kara: My mouth drops open every time you perform. … Is he really doing that? Shocking. You’re shocking in a good way. Confusing and shocking and sleazy and superb and way over the top but I don’t know, I like you.

Paula: I get it. Words cannot describe. You make me feel better than good. With every performance I see it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.

Simon: I love Randy saying that you’re too theatrical it’s like complaining that a cow moos too much. … What I get from you is you want to win.

Which is a good thing since it’s certainly looking that way.

1. Kris Allen, “The Way You Look Tonight”

Jamie, describing Kris as a singer: “I’m not trying to sing the throat Olympics, I’m right here. I’m performing the song.”

Jamie to Kris: “You’re my No. 1. This is a dude I’d do a record with.”

Was that a subtle dig at Adam?

Does he need to be taking the stand with him as he sings?

Nice song, but unless someone is making another Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock comedy and they need a song in the background, I don’t know that this is contemporary.

Randy: What all of us do at this time … is see who’s in it to win it. … I personally think this is your best performance to date … You took your time, you told a story. You had some R&B stylings.

Kara: Songs from this era give you a unique opportunity to show your technical abilities … you have set the technical standard so incredibly high this evening. Your impeccable phrasing, your diction, your timing. … You are truly a dark horse in this competition.

Paula: You’ve made this amazing transition from being the adorable boy next door to handsome sophisticated gentleman.

Simon: I’m not quite as enthusiastic as these three, only because I thought it was a little bit wet. You’re like taking a very well trained spaniel for a walk. It’s all going to be safe, it’s going to be quite nice. I didn’t thin it was incredible. I didn’t get the feeling from you tonight that you fan win this competition.

2. Allison Iraheta, “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me”

What’s it like being the only girl left? It’s scary being around those for guys? Really? I’m kidding.

Yesterday she celebrated her 17th birthday.

Jamie: “Sixteen, she is leaps and bound ahead of her time.”

She’s too young to have a boyfriend, she tells the camera, then seems to get embarrassed and says she shouldn’t say that.

Jamie says to think about how much love flows from her family.

Her raspy voice does wonders for this, updating it all on its own. That was great.

Randy: You come out looking like Brittany Murphy … you sing like Pink but with like 9,000 more octaves. … That was the bomb and you did it in your own kinda rough kinda gruff style and I loved it.

Kara: I was starting to think you did need someone to watch over you. … But I ain’t nervous for you any more. You converted some new fans tonight. You are not just a rock chick. … That was a deep, motional way-beyond-your-years rendition and if that doesn’t land you in the finals I don’t know what would.

Paula: I’ve been waiting so long for you to perform a ballad. … It had an innocent sensitivity that was both alluring and tender. I’m really proud of you.

Simon: Do you think you can win this competition at this stage?

Allison: I think I can, I think all of us have that chance right now.

Simon: I ask the question because I don’t feel that belief in you still. … Maybe you’ve just been overshadowed by some of the personalities at the moment. I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight.

What? Why does he bring such gloom!

Ryan asks Simon if he was basing that on her performance or lack of confidence …?

Simon: I didn’t feel that in terms of commitment or belief that was a 10. .. felt like a 7 out of 10.

Kara to Simon: I love you, but you are crazy.

3. Matt Giraud, “My Funny Valentine”

Matt is “stoked” about this week. He studied jazz. He got a B. “It’s part of my life.”

Jamie: “It’s a big song, so within each part of the song that’s got to be some (hand motion).”

They were done filming and Jamie had no comments. But then he pulled Matt back in.

I say change the key to the song. He wants it in his “full voice.”

What I’m still waiting for is for someone to make this fresh and current and not just a cover.

It was all right. I still think he’s the one in trouble.

Randy: That was probably one of the hardest songs to sing ever … For me it was just a little bit pitchy. … It didn’t all quite come together for me. I’d give it like a 6 out of 10.

Kara: Competition is so stiff tonight, you really have to be the leader of the pack to establish yourself. … I didn’t feel you were emotionally connected to it and that’s what I was missing.

Paula: I love what you did with the song and I love what you did with the advice from Jamie in lowering the key. I felt the emotional connection.

Simon: I am going to have to disagree … with Randy. For me, it was the only believable, authentic song I’ve heard tonight. I can tell that you love the music and I heard some almost Nat King Cole kind of phrasing there. I thought you were absolutely brilliant.

I think he’s just being witchy about Kara.

4. Danny Gokey, “Come Rain or Come Shine”

Danny: “I’m not changing it up much” (what a shock) “I’m just giving it a bluesy feel.”

Jamie talks about how close director Michael Mann would get to him, in his personal space. He does it to Danny to get some kind of pure moment.

He gets “all up in your grill.” “Your breath is fresh!”


He looks good in that suit.

Decent song and he gets into it, but this isn’t the kind of song I would think he would have on his CD. This is the most disappointing night of music to me. At least last week for disco some of the contestants mixed it up – Kris, for one. So it was less disco than a pop song you could hear on the radio.

Randy: once again it all sounds like it’s ballad tonight. I’m worried about the tempo … you are the only one I’ve heard so far tonight who could actually have an album of songs like that and win. … forget all this stuff about the connection, this is a singing competition and you can sing.

Kara: What I’ve been missing from you all season is that Rat Pack swagger and you had swag tonight. The end of that performance was the most creative you’ve ever been with a melody.

Paula: Stellar. Stellar, stellar performance. The best thing about you, Danny, is I can tell you can see the finish line right in front of you.

Simon: What Kara said is 100 percent right. What you had tonight was a swagger and confidence. … I felt tonight you came out to prove a point. Not only did you prove a point with your vocals which were the best I’ve heard in weeks. … Special thank you to Jamie Fox (for what he brought out in all the contestants, but especially Danny). It was incredible.

5. Adam Lambert, “Feeling Good”

I think this Saturday Night Fever suit might’ve been better for last week.

He’s doing a rock edge

The way he sung that song right now, he’s going to knock everybody’s head off.

Absolutely incredible man. You don’t care who I am at all.

(But he closed his eyes.

Jamie says Adam took him up, took him down.

Jamie: “I’m crying. He can sing with the best of them. And he’s going to be great.”

THIS is what I was waiting for – someone to take a standard I’ve heard covered 100 times (including by Michael Buble) and doing something different. I’m not saying it’s his arrangement, but it’s a good one to choose.

Wooo – long note on Feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin good.


Randy: I’ll say it again … it was a little theatrical and a little too Broadway for me, but you are in the zone consistently dude.

Kara: My mouth drops open every time you perform. … Is he really doing that? Shocking. You’re shocking in a good way. Confusing and shocking and sleazy and superb and way over the top but I don’t know, I like you.

Paula: I get it. Words cannot describe. You make me feel better than good. With every performance I see it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.

Simon: I love Randy saying that you’re too theatrical it’s like complaining that a cow moos too much. … What I get from you is you want to win.

(He even mistakenly calls someone else Adam – Danny?)

Simon: Best entrance we’ve had all year.

He said Ryan is no longer allowed to use the stairs.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Might Be Rich

“You Might Be Rich” is the Dateline NBC show that finds unclaimed money and returns it to the rightful owners. “You Might Be Rich” is a Dateline NBC segment where that first aired last August, helping return almost $2 million lost dollars to average Americans. In the new rendition of the segment NBC News reporter Tiki Barber and his team, which includes NBC News’ Peter Alexander, and MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, find unclaimed property that is waiting in the state treasuries to be returned to the rightful owners. Almost $5 million was returned to over a dozen individuals by Barber and his team. In one particular case a former Pennsylvanian, who moved to Germany, was tracked down by the NBC news team, and given over a half a million dollars from an inheritance he was unaware he ever had. The story gets even better; when Dateline finally tracked him down they discovered he was homeless. Another man had a million dollars that was waiting to be collected in the Illinois State Treasurer, according to You Might Be Rich, will air in two, hour specials Sunday, April 26 at 7:00 p.m. ET, and Sunday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. ET. The May 3 show will take place live from outside Rockefeller Center, surprising one family that is completely unaware that they are entitled to unclaimed money.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

NFL Draft: Mitchell Makes His Point

A 4-8 season by the Bobcats didn't help. Neither did the fact that he was a snubbed during the Combine selection process. So Ohio University safety Michael Mitchell knew that he had to make a statement at his Pro Day back on March 12. "I had decided I was going to leave no doubt that I'm going to be one of the biggest, fastest safeties on the market," the 6-foot-1, 220-pound defensive back told "I looked at the day as, 'finally here's my chance.' I just wanted to get in a room with guys like William Moore, Mike Hamlin and Louis Delmas and compete with those guys. But since I didn't get to do that, my Pro Day was my chance to show that I could."Mitchell put forth a compelling case to the NFL scouts and coaches who gathered to watch the school's top athletes. He reportedly ran a 4.43-second 40-time on his first attempt and followed that up with a 4.49-second time—even though he pulled up a bit at the 35-yard mark due to tweaking his hamstring. Now remember, that's a sub-4.5 time in the 40-yard dash run by an athlete who weighs in at 220-pounds.As a result of that speed, Michael Mitchell doesn't just tackle opponents, he clobbers them. Watch his highlight reels and you'll see that players' legs fly out when this guy puts a hit on them. He made 62 tackles during his senior year, forced a pair of fumbles and picked-off three passes. "It's so weird that I've been flying under the radar, and at times it's been frustrating," he said. "I've been playing well, I've never been in trouble, I truly believe I'm a good person with a good heart. "If you ask people about Mike Mitchell, they'll tell you he's a hard worker and a great leader. He's a guy who's going to give 110 percent every time he steps on the field whether it be a workout or anything regarding football, he's always putting his best foot forward. And I'm definitely proud of that. Mitchell told that the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions all spent some time talking with him at his Pro Day. He's also worked out for the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals. And he's had official visits with the Colts, Browns, the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers. As he's made the rounds with NFL teams, he's finally hearing that coaches and scouts have noticed that he's worthy of getting his shot at playing in the NFL. "I keep hearing that they really like my size and my athletic ability," Mitchell said. "I think the thing that shocked a lot of people is my footwork. But I played corner all my life, and then when I got to college my coaches saw my potential to play safety, so he moved me to free safety. But as you watch film, you can tell I kind of like to hit people a little bit, so he moved me to strong safety."Team officials also seem to be attracted to some of Mitchell's intangibles as they've learned more about him."They've told me that they really like the leadership and emotion I bring to the game," he said. "I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I truly believe there isn't another player that brings it like I bring it, every play, every practice, every game. Michael Mitchell is ready for the NFL. And one thing's for sure—he's no longer flying under the radar.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Improvement

We are living in my parents in law's house right now. Their house is a duplex style. They occupy the other side of the house and we just occupied the other half of the house. We did some home improvement on our side by repainting it and rearranging it. First we remove all the stuff that are in our living room. We cleaned the wall and ceiling to be painted. The next day we start painting already and it felt good seeing our living room looks new again. Even though we are still on the process of turning it into a nice and comfortable living room, I felt that it will turn out the way I like and it did. I love my living room and I love being there. Of course we can't do it without the tips on how to do it especially in choosing the best color and the best design we could get. For more tips visit Home Improvement Blog now.


I was out today to run some errands. I paid our bills and mailed stuff that I need to mail including the stuff that my baby want. I hope it gets there on time. Still we do some yard work today. It is very tiring and my back is aching. Wheewww.. But I am resting now and just watching tv. How about you guys? How are you all doing?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Backpacking need

Summer is already here and we know this season is the season for camping. People are now buying stuff for their camping need. Camping Backpacking is just one of those need. Are you looking for a backpack? Mountainfitter can surely help you because they have a growing selection for your backpacking needs. They are the ones that furnishes outdoor gears for camping, mountain climbing, voyage, journey or an adventure. Not only backpack but all the stuff needed for camping. Check out their website now and see the huge selection of items for outdoor activities for a very affordable price. Hurry while the shipping is free until April the 30th.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing talent, fantastic piece

Spring is already here, meaning it is time to get out and have some fun. The beach is just one of the destination for this season. Have you tried building a castle when you are in the beach? It is amazing right. Here's a great individual who will render her time to teach you a very beautiful piece.

For $75, she'll help you and your family build your very own castle on this prime Gulf of Mexico beach location on South Padre Island, Texas. Of course, there's a catch. Come high tide, your little piece of Texas realty will become just another snapshot in your holiday photo album. Wierenga is a specialist in beachfront contracting, with a penchant for towering castles, complete with fancy spires, arches and looming buttresses, all made out of sand.For the past 25 years, Wierenga's company, Sandy Feet, has been coaching vacationers in the art of sandcastle building."It's a great family experience, and I'm also getting more and more corporate clients using the process as a team-building exercise," she says, adding some final touches to a demonstration model she whipped up over the past hour. Wierenga has written three books on the subject, and her latest, Sandcastles Made Simple, offers step-by-step instructions and tips for building all sorts of sand creations."I have taught thousands of the previously turret-and-tower-impaired how to build their dream castles." She says that almost anyone can learn the basics after an hour's lesson.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


NFL fanatic here's the latest news feed in the world of NFL. Cris Collinsworth will succeed John Madden as the analyst in the NBC broadcast booth for the network's Sunday night NFL game telecasts, NBC executive Dick Ebersol announced during a conference call with reporters today.

Madden announced his retirement from broadcasting earlier today, rejecting an offer made Wednesday by Ebersol to work the network's September and November games next season and take October and December off.

Collinsworth had been on the NBC studio show.

"John's successor will be Cris Collinsworth," Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Sports, said during the conference call. "... Cris has always given us the luxury of having the two best broadcasters."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dreams are really weird sometimes. It could be good or bad. An advantage or disadvantage. I wonder if really dreams do come true. I use to dream bad things and terrible nightmares that are almost true and always find myself crying. Some people say that dreams are opposite. I don't believe that. Some will say that dreams are pre requisite of a certain incident that is about to happen. Sometimes I do believe about that but we all know that God can only predict what to happen in the future and to each and everyone of us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Went to comedy bar

I had so much fun tonight. We went to a comedy bar together with my brother in laws with along with her friends and husband. It was a pretty good show. It was my first time in a comedy bar and I had fun. It was so unique and were just laughing and laughing and laughing. I gues I'm a little drunk. Not totall but it got Well it was worth it. My husband and I had so much fun and were surely going back again again. Have a goodnight guys.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally in Kansas

Finally were in Kansas now...Wheewww that was a long travel. I am also done with my Biometrics appointment this morning. I am so tired and just wanna crawl up in bed. My birthday today was a whole lot of traveling which is fine becasue I'm with my baby. Well guys I am just updating and goodnoght everyone..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


It was a pretty day today. The sun is up and the weather is good. Church was also fine today. We've been busy again because we will be traveling to Kansas on Tuesday. We need to do things prior to our trip so that we don't have to worry on what's left undone. Right now I am just updating my blog and still posting some items on ebay. I am getting tired, my eyes are hurting because I stayed long infront of the computer already. But I have to get this done because I still have few batches of clothes to list. Hopefully I'll get this done tonight because tomorrow is another day and another job to do..Wheeewww..It's just been busy. Hope you all have a great evening..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Once again we were busy today. We went for garage sale again and we really got some pretty good deal. I am so excited to go through with what I bought and hopefully could get a profit to it. I have been working so hard to keep myself busy and productive. I am liking it. It is hard to cope up though because I do 2 jobs but I'll get use to it in the long run. Its better this way because I am doing something and no nobody will tell me what to do anymore. Well sometimes you just can't avoid people who doesn't mind their own business. Well that's life. I am finally settled now and just updating my blog. How about you guys, how are you all doing? I hope everything is fine. Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chit chat

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Survivor Series

The survivor episode tonight was exceptional. Another member from Jalao was sent home again. The votes were for Taj and Sydney but Sydney was sent home. It is really getting close to the final episode which the sole survivor. Both teams has few members and any time soon a merge will be made. Hopefully the winning survivor really deserves the title. Well, I am waiting for next eposide again and that's on next Thursday.

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Storm in our area

There is a severe storm in our area right now. It is raining so hard. Can't barely see something outside. Hopefully this will last few minutes from now. It is so dark here. Well, it's good to take a nap though and all I want to do is crawl on my bed..We have been getting bad weather for last few days. It's been raining and thunderstorms are very scary. I wish that this weather will be back to normal soon.