Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play The Music With The Piano

When I was in the kindergarten I enrolled how to learn to play piano. It was a very awesome experience. I have learned the basics and I was enjoying it. I just regret it that I did not continue my piano lesson before. Probably I am now a professional piano player if did proceed.

I so love music and playing the instrument is one of my thing. Actually playing the piano is not that hard. It is like learning how to play the guitar too. If ever I will be given a chance to learn to play piano again I will probably grab the opportunity. In that case I can also play in our church during our service.

Hopefully I can play our theme song in the piano for hubby. I love singing for him because right now all I am using is my guitar. I so love to learn again because in the piano it sound so romantic and the feeling is always right. The rhythm that you will feel is such an amazing moment for the one you love when it's playing. So if you love music and want to learn go for it.

Good Morning

The husband went back to work this morning. As usual, I am sad but this is just a little sacrifice for both of us to achieve our goals. Right now I am just watching the Filipino channel and doing blogging as well. The baby is asleep in her bedroom so I have a little time to do my thing til she wake up. So far not so busy day and hopefully this will be a relaxing day. But I doubt it because I have to finish up cleaning our living room. Well got to go guys. Have a great day ahead!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tee Ball Bat For Everyone

Sports fan, baseball junky attention! There is a huge sale of tee ball bat at website. Different kinds of bats were put on sale for a very affordable price. Different brand are available too. If I wish you, I will waste no time and visit their website. Hurry! before everything is gone.

If you think it is quite late to purchase a bat, it is really not. Although winter season is just around the corner, you can still give it as a gift. There is nothing wrong if this sport is only played during summer time. What's important is you have given joy to someone you love which has a passion about baseball or softball. For sure he / she will appreciate what you did.

It is the thought that always counts. Like I said they have tee ball bat for baseball and softball. Fast pitch and soft pitch are also available. They even have tee ball package that has everything you need, bat, gloves and many more. So guys, check their website and do not miss opportunity.

Relaxing Moment

It has been a relaxing day so far. It is raining and the baby and the husband are taking their nap. In short this is my alone time..Lol..Just watching Filipino channel right now and at the same time updating my blog. It is nice to have a break sometimes from a very busy day. I am thankful that we have a Filipino channel because it does help my home sickness at times. Watching it, is like I am just in the Philippines, so it really helps. I hope you guys are having a great day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paging Facebook Users - Check This Out

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our little one is now 6 months old

The little one just turned 6 months old last Saturday. Wow!!time truly fly so fast. It's like I just give birth to her yesterday. She is growing like a weed and she is becoming funny everyday. She does play all time and she really enjoy it. We are just glad that our daughter is a happy baby all the time. Daddy and Mommy are very proud.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Back

Been a while since I visited this blog and I am glad I got the time today to update it. I thank everyone who continuously visiting my blog. It was very hot and humid outside. Could hardly stay for a long time. But still I did because I had to run some errands. Good thing I'm done and home now and playing with my daughter. I am also glad that direct tv was able to fix my Filipino channel and it is now running again. Got no major plans for today but to baby sit with my precious one that I enjoy the most. Hope everyone is having a great Friday. Happy weekend.