Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God Bless Japan

God bless the people in Japan. This a very devastating news last Friday when a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan. A lot of properties were damaged and the huge tsunami had really made it worst. When I was watching the news, it was very scary and it does felt like a nightmare just hit them without any notice. Rescue teams are still looking for any survivors on the tragedy. I hope Japan could recover soon and people could go back to their normal life again.

Elelctronic Cigarette

When technology upgrades life is so much easier. Just like the recently invented electronic cigarette. This is such a brilliant idea because it gives the people to save and could control their smoking. This is truly one of a kind invention that is so much the same on a real cigarette. The taste is the same and the feeling is the same as well.

This is a rechargeable cigarette that will make your life so much easy. You can even choose the flavor and change it whenever you feel like. This is awesome. This will truly bring serious savings in your finances because this is only a one time purchase and could use it over and over again. Like they said this is as close as the cigarette you will get.

If I were you I will do some research now and see if you will like it. I find it so unique and an inexpensive creation. I will definitely tell my husband about it and see if I could get him to switch from the real one to an electronic one. So guys spread the news and experience the difference of the electronic cigarette's world. For sure it's awesome. Check it out!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Run Errands

Was running some errands this morning and get to drove all by myself again. It's a great feeling and is now really comfortable on the wheel. Hopefully before I go pick up hubby from work I'll be more confident and more comfortable and not nervous driving anymore. I so look forward to that.

Poker As Profession

Poker is truly one of the favorite game of all mankind. It is everywhere, whenever you go. I just have learn how to play and it is very interesting and very addicting as well. It is a kind of game that everyone will get interested. You could get entertained by just playing or even winning real money on the game.

If you have been to Las Vegas, poker there is everywhere. As we all know Vegas is one of the popular places that has big casinos which poker game is present. You will also enjoy playing at the comfort of your home with poker online. Just fire up your computer and search for an online poker game, sign up and your in. You can even choose from a huge selection of website for poker.

For some people poker is just for past time but for some people they play the game for real money. Some losses some wins. Some people get serious with it and send themselves to Professional poker school. Yes you heard it right this is also a profession that someone could get involve with. And they are not bad professions but something that you'll get proud of.