Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Production Company

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Typhoon Ondoy Hits Manila Area

This are just 2 of the pictures I got from the Philippine News about the typhoon "Ondoy" that hits the area of Manila Saturday September 26, 2009. I feel so devastated of what my fellow countrymen is facing right now. A lot of them have lost their home and lives. As I was watching the news, the update was, their were 106 people died already from the typhoon and a lot of people are still missing. Until now volunteers, Military men and some organization are continuously helping our fellow Filipinos on the said tragedy. They are giving away goods for the victim of typhoon "Ondoy". Retrival operation is still on going and as the day goes by, a lot of dead bodies are being recovered. I pity for those family who lost their loved ones for this typhoon that hits their area. I hope they can survive this another tragedy that came in their lives and surpass everything. My prayers are with them. According to the news, the typhoon "Ondoy" is now approaching Vietnam area but another low pressure area is sighted on the Phillipine area of responsibility again and expected to be another typhoon that will hit the Philippines by Thursdays. Oh God please help them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Hand Car

Do you plan to buy a second hand car for your transportation, is definitely the right place for you. They have a massive database of used cars just for you. They offer the cheapest prices for second hand car from private individual, used dealerships and independent dealerships. They guarantee that the cost of the secondhand cars on Buy Your Car is competitive. To me a second hand car is definitely a good choice especially with our current economy right now. My friend just bought a second hand car a month ago and she got no problem with it and she said that her car is perfect and way helpful with her transportation everyday for her work. Someday I will have mine and same thing I will buy a second hand car.


It is almost late but I am still up, I just can't take my laptop away from me right now. I am thinking a lot of things and trying to figure out what to do to achieve my goals, which I have been trying for a while now. It is just hard to think sometimes especially if you are pressured or your not really into it. But whether I like it or not I have to do it because it is the only option to help caught up with the current situation we are in right now. I hope I can do this without putting myself in bad shape including the baby because I really want to pursue this and that requires a dedication to work for a long time in front of the computer and staying up late at night. Well, probably I just have to manage my time. Allocate an amount of time to each each job that I'm working without overdoing myself. Have a great evening everyone.


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Hell's Kitchen With Chef Ramsey

Hell's kitchen is the hottest show on television right now. It is not just an entertainment but a competition as well. Many desired chefs gathered on this show to win a quarter of a million and will get to manage one of Chefs Ramsey's restaurant. I like the show so much because of the way Chef Ramsey train those chefs and have them ready to a more realistic world of cooking. If you guys are following the show, you definitely know what I am talking about.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keeping Myself Busy

Been trying to keep myself busy and hopefully I won't overdo Well I was just fixing some stuff, watch my show and been eating.,,hehehehehe..Nothings really planned for today, well actually last night I was thinking of doing my laundry today but of course and as usual I forgot about do it tomorrow then. Hope you guys had a great day.

Walking Tours - New York

As a new resident here in the United States, I wanted to see different places and visit different state. I have been to Kansas already, passed Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, New Orleans and I already forgot some of the state that my husband and I have been. We are planning to visit Vegas and New York one day. I have read about walking tours new york which I find it so amazing and thrilling. I my husband and I will enjoy touring around New York. For sure food and beautiful scenery will be expected.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OBGYN Appointment

Went to my doctor's appointment today and everything went well. The baby is doing great, I am up to 108 pounds now which is not normal because I was 110 pounds before I got pregnant. I was just so sick during my first trimister and puts me down to 93 pounds. But now I am gaining it back and still has to gain more. I mean the required weight for the whole pregnancy. I am excited because on my next appointment, will do the sonogram for the gender. Hopefully the baby will cooperate. They will also do a glucose test as well as flu shots..Wheewww..Well that's a month from now to prepare. That's all the happenings today guys. Have a great evening.

Honda Gold Wing

My husband and I had a conversation about a motorcycle. I told him that I really want to have one in the future. I love motorcycle and have been driving since I was 9 years old. He doesn't really want to buy a motorcycle for me for safety purposes because he knew my driving skills..Lol..To compromise with my desire to have a motorcycle, he will buy a Honda gold wing. He said it will make him less worried with this kind of motorcycle. Well, I don't blame him but I will take the deal. Having the said motorcycle I have to stock some honda goldwing parts too just in case problem arises. It is better to prepared than nothing. would be the best place to get my motorcycle parts. There are over 30,000 different motorcycle parts and accessories to fully customize my ride. Brand name parts up to 60% off for all makes and models like Cruisers, Harleys, Sport Bikes, & Goldwings. Check it out!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Few minutes from now it is my beloved husbands birthday Forest Wayne Eaton. It is 11:58pm and how I wish his here. He went back to work today but he will be home soon. To my mahal ko, I thank God since the day you were born. I amm so lucky to have a husband like you and so proud to be your wife. I wish you good health and more birthdays to come. I will always love you for the rest of our lives and you are the best thing ever happened to me. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KO...MWAH

1st Year in the United States

I almost forgot to post this. It is quite late but it is better late that never. September 3rd marks my first year here in the United States. I can't believe it that I have been here for a year now. Time really runs so fast. I still like it here, although sometimes there were ups and downs in our lives which is normal but we are able to manage it. I am very happy that I am here because I am with the person that I truly love. I am looking forward to many more years to come and still it is very overwhelming that I am here. Feel so lucky that I a one of those who were given an opportunity to see the world of the land of US of A.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is known for selling watches. They have a huge selection of the finest watches that you want with trendy style and color. They have watches for men and women as well as unisex watches. Patek Philippe is a company that stands for quality and reliability. Their watches will undergo a severe testing observation before putting them in the market. Choose from classic to casual watches or dress to sports watch. This watches are great for gifts, souvenirs, collection and investment. What more do you need. Check with Patek Philippe watches now and get the kind of watch you desire.

Busy Day

We are quite busy today. We've been out since this morning and looking for pennies for our collection, luckily we found some and were happy about it. We are also watching the football replay and probably take a nap shortly. Have a great day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gaming Forum

As we all know online games are very popular right now. A lot of people were patronizing it. Mostly are teens but even adults too for past time. I have tried some online games as well but I haven't really seen an online game that has a gaming forum like It is amazing how they have created this forum for all gamers and shares their opinions or meet new friends from different parts of the world. You will for sure learn a lot on this forum where all online gaming enthusiast met and share everything they know in the world of online games. Check it out!


Today marks the 8th year since the 9/11 attack. Heroes were remembered and a ceremony was offered. Still in the hearts and minds of many people the tragedy that happened way back 2001 on the twin tower. Let us always remember the heroes of this tragedy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mac to Windows Compatibility without Compromise

When buying a PC, I always check if programs are up to date and if it is compatible to my operating system. Yes I am computer junky and I don't want to encounter any trouble in my computer, who else does. I have read about an ad regarding mac to windows compatibility without compromising it's system. But now they have this new program that fundamental differences between the Mac and Windows operating systems can make this integration a challenge with the most advanced compatibility between Mac desktops and Windows servers. Check it out now and read the thorough information about this matter that will help you choose the more convenient program for you.