Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling Crappy

I really feel crappy today. Well, since last night I guess. My sinuses are running. My head is like spinning and really got a bad headache last. I was up til 2am because I was feeling uncomfortable, hot and just can't sleep. Wheeww!.. I don't know, I just feel like I am going to get sick anytime. Oh I hope not. Right now I am feeling so weak and just wanted to get some rest and sleep. Will do though in a while. My eyes were also tired. Have no idea why. Maybe because I've read to much last night or were just tired of trying to get some sleep..Wheewww!


My husband and I are planning to invest on a Short Term Insurance. We discussed, that if we take this route, we can save more money to our budget. Short term meaning, we will not be tied for a long time on a certain bills we are paying. To me, it is a good option though because it will make our lives a lot more convenient and our resources will be a lot more available with this route. This will also help us achieve our goals more easier and more faster. We may be doubling what we are paying now with this route but the good thing is, we will only be responsible for a short span of time then we can breath again from all the bills that we have. This will be a huge relief to our finances. We can really use some extra money right now especially when the baby is here.

G-Force Movie

I am so looking forward in getting my DVD that I have purchased last in the mail one of this days. I can't wait to see this movie. I know the movie is funny and cute because I saw the trailer already and oh my, it's adorable. Have you seen it yet? Well you better your copy now before they're gone..Hehehehe


Liposuction might be one of the option any individual could think if he/she is so desperate to loss some weight. Don't get me wrong though. I am not against this process and in fact it is a way of helping individuals gain their self esteem back. Way back in my country ( Philippines ). I have heard somebody ( mostly artist though ) had undergone this procedure. In her story, she said she was so down and pity herself because of her body figure. She doesn't want to go in the public and doesn't want anyone to see her. She buried herself in her house and made her very unhealthy. I do not blame her though because I had experiencing having an excessive weight before but overcome it in a matter of time. She is wealthy enough to do the procedure and that's what she did. I still saw her over the internet and I was very surprise with the changes that they made through liposuction and she was very happy with the result. She's back to her normal self now and very confident to face the world.

Got It On The Mail

I finally got the set of books that I've purchased for my husband at Amazon. I am so impressed the way they packed the items and very amazed that send along an organizer for the books. I hope my husband will like 'em though and will find the story so interesting. I also have my own set and was delivered yesterday and started reading it right away. Man, I can't take the book out of my hands and just wanted to read it and finish it right away..Lol. The story is quite similar on the movie but in the movie, it has a little twist which is not quite far in the book. I cannot wait to finish book 1 and start reading book 2..Hehehehe! That's it for now! Have a great day!

Amazing Intellect

A friend of mine mentioned about the web site design Utah before. It fascinates me on how she was so incline on this kind of interest. I don't blame her though because working on the computer is fun. Yes she designs different website on her own but got really interested and started researching for a source to her interest and this is what she found. I have not heard from her since then. I am sure she's very busy now because the last time I've heard from her, she took it as a full time job. Well, being a web designer is not an easy task but I know she is happy because what she's doing is what makes her happy and put so much love into it. I applaud her for this kind of talent and intellect.