Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Liposuction might be one of the option any individual could think if he/she is so desperate to loss some weight. Don't get me wrong though. I am not against this process and in fact it is a way of helping individuals gain their self esteem back. Way back in my country ( Philippines ). I have heard somebody ( mostly artist though ) had undergone this procedure. In her story, she said she was so down and pity herself because of her body figure. She doesn't want to go in the public and doesn't want anyone to see her. She buried herself in her house and made her very unhealthy. I do not blame her though because I had experiencing having an excessive weight before but overcome it in a matter of time. She is wealthy enough to do the procedure and that's what she did. I still saw her over the internet and I was very surprise with the changes that they made through liposuction and she was very happy with the result. She's back to her normal self now and very confident to face the world.