Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Beautiful Princess

Look how she has grown. This picture was taken a month ago while she was eating her scrambled egg. Oh my princess is such a doll. She turned 9 months old yesterday. Wow! time has flown so fast. It's like it was only yesterday when I gave birth to a beautiful princess and she is 9 months wow! I am just proud on her progress. She had an appointment today and she weighed 21.10 pounds and 27 inches long. No wonder she was getting heavy..Hehehehe..But she is such a blessing and we love her so much.

Be Safe During Snow Time

Winter is just around the corner. In fact, the weather is changing now as it becomes colder and colder every night. We do know that driving in a snowy ground is very dangerous. Sometimes, accidents occur in a very unexpected time. But we can always avoid this if we are aware and very cautious.

Tire Chains is the answer to your need. This is a very popular that serves every mankind the safety driving during the snow time. The tires are built for snow ground. So you are assured that you are well grip on the ground even if it is slippery. This product is such a huge solution to avoid future incidents on the road when it is snowing.

Aside from it gives you protection. They are very easy to install and are affordable too. You might consider buying their popular product which is the grip. It only cost $100 and could be installed in less than 2 minutes. This is truly an EasyToGo thing that will protect us and our family on the road when traveling on a snowy ground. Get it now!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contest Officially Closed

Thanks to all the blogger who joined my 2nd anniversary contest. The contest is now officially closed and all entries are in. On Friday we will be drawing the 5 lucky winners and the next day winners will be announced. I would like to congratulate in advance the winners. I hope that you will consider joining again in my future giveaways. Once again, thank you so much guys. You made this contest possible and a big success. Good Luck to all!!!

Found My Love Online

I though I was never gonna find the love of my life until one he came. For the past relationships, finally the one that I have been waiting for all my life has come. It was 3 ago when I meet him online. I was single that time and I think there was really a spark when we met. I am just happy that I met him and now together since then.

We met on a dating website and from there we are unseparable. I cannot even believe that we started out in an online dating website and now with each others arms. It was an amazing feeling and great gift from God. I had pray for this to come and God answered my prayer. We are happily married for 2 years now.

We also now have an eight months old daughter. Truly love works in a mysterious way. We come from different side of the world. I lived in the Philippines and he lives in the states. But truly the technology of online dating is so powerful.