Monday, February 16, 2009

Easy Money

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Computer is out!

It's a sad day today because I had our computer check by a technician. I don't really know what happen last night but when I restarted it, all icons were gone on the desktop as well as the task bar. I can't even refresh it nor restore the system. It is totally down and I have no idea. Wheewww!.. So I am still waiting on their call. Hopefully it will be done soon.

Excellent Achievement of Laura Diaz

Being a new member to the community have lots of adjustment to make especially with the television shows that I am use to watch. It was hard for me at first because I have no idea about it but as time goes by I am starting to like some shows here in the States such as survivor series, amazing race, American Idol and most shows on CBS particularly the headline news at 5 in the afternoon. One of my favorite anchor is Laura Diaz. I like the way she deliver her news report. She really is the queen of broadcasting. But how did she reach this success? Here's some brief information about CBS Anchor Laura Diaz.

Laura Diaz was born in Santa Paula. Her parents were farm workers trying to build a life for their children. At the young age of four, Laura and her family moved to the Santa Clarita Valley. When they arrived her family spoke little English and Laura learned then what family and friends were all about. Laura's teachers were very supportive and enthusiastic about her teachings. Laura attended a much-less crowded William S. Hart High School. At the time Laura was in high school our small town began to ignite into what it is today. While at Hart Laura was on the cheerleading squad and took much interest in her schooling.

After graduating from Hart, Laura went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. And that is where her journey begins. While attending Cal Poly Laura took on an internship at IBM Communications and it was there that she realized what she was supposed to do. She loved to write and above all, she loved public speaking.

Diaz landed her first job in television at KSBY-TV in San Luis. Which later followed with a job as a reporter and a substitute anchor in Fresno for KFSN-TV. With a giant smile on her face she says, "It was the best of times and the worst of times. I was in charge of shooting every shot, writing my own stories, and editing them as well." All in a days work for a struggling reporter trying to make it to anchor position.

She's been anchor to different television network such as KSBY-TV in San Luis, a substitute anchor in Fresno for KFSN-TV and an a reporter for KABC-TV. Diaz Diaz has covered historical stories that have occurred in southern California over the years; Stories such as the First Interstate Bank fire, the Northridge earthquake and the Los Angeles Riots. Being an anchor since 1983 Laura Diaz pave her success as the first Hispanic woman to ever hold such a title. Not only that, she was given a big break on 2002 as she moved to CBS news. 'Til then her continued success were overflowing. She is truly a great example of achieving something in your life which always possible if you work hard on it just like what Laura Diaz did. To know more about her just visit Visit Anchor Laura Diaz Online.

Just Human

It was so funny. I'd come to check my blog and my gosh I've got lots of grammatical error, shame on me. Well, it really happens when you are in a hurry because you don't wanna miss something right. My apology to everyone especially for those who left some comments on my post. I will try my very best to correct it as much as I can