Friday, June 5, 2009

Rant PATH Train Fire Stops Transit

A fire in Journal Square has stopped PATH train service between New Jersey and New York. PATH train service will continue to be suspended for some time. You can find more information at the official Port Authority of New Jersey and New York website.

According to news reports, PATH train service was suspended because of an electrical fire in the main Journal Square control center in Jersey City. It’s unclear when the PATH trains will start moving again, but a Port Authority spokesperson has said that NJ transit will be honoring PATH tickets between Hoboken and New York. PATH trains first stopped service at 1:20 p.m. because of an electrical fire in the wiring at the control center in Jersey City.

Good Hygiene and clean surroundings

I always have this problem when I am cleaning the house. It's about cleaning the carpet. I don't know what do others do that they can maintain to clean their carpet but mine was a mess. All I want is to have a clean carpet, presentable when we have guest and looks great in our living room. I use to complain to my husband to change it with a new one but he there should be a way to clean it properly. Well, I wish I know how but still we haven't discovered a certain product or a certain service that will grant us with what we are wishing. It is important to me that my surroundings are clean. I mean in and out of the house. I believe in hygiene and cleanliness because it keeps us healthy and safe to any disease surrounding us. That's I am very meticulous when it comes to cleaning. My husband use to tell me I am so strict in our house cleanliness. Well I have to because it is for our own good. I know all of you will agree to that. Gratefully I found Austin Carpet Cleaning, the resolution to my problem. That offers services to clean carpet and has the same belief that I do. I am so glad and now I don't have to worry with my surroundings anymore especially in cleaning my carpet because I found a helping hand that meets my expectations.

Silver Morgan Dollar Coin

The Comstock Lode, the greatest silver strike in history, was discovered in Nevada in the late 1850s. The strike put downward pressure on silver prices worldwide. The greatest silver strike in history was followed by the greatest coinage boondoggle in history. In 1878, to protect the interest of the western states, Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act which required the Treasury Department to purchase large amounts of silver, and to strike it as coins. For reasons of economy, the Treasury chose to strike the silver as dollars. The mintage was far more than was needed in circulation. These excess silver dollars quickly began piling up. Some original mint bags of Morgan dollars remained in treasury vaults until the 1960s. This strange past has led to one of the greatest collectible series in American coins providing collectors with many dates and mint marks readily obtainable in mint state condition along with challenging rarities. The Morgan Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin. The dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and again for one more year in 1921. The Morgan Dollar is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who designed the obverse and reverse of the coin. Morgan's monogram appears near Lady Liberty's neck on the obverse. The dollar was authorized by the Bland- Allison Act of 1878. It has a fineness of .900, giving a total silver content of 0.77344 troy ounces (24.057 grams) per coin. When the Morgan Dollar was minted in 1878, it was the first dollar issued for American commercial use since the last Seated Liberty Dollar of 1873. The Trade Dollar was minted during this time period but was for trade in the orient. The Morgan Dollar was continuously minted until 1904 when the supply of Morgan Dollars in circulation was high and there was an absence of silver bullion. Then in 1918, the Pittman Act called for over 270 million coins to be melted for silver content. In 1921, the coinage of the Morgan Dollar resumed for that year and was replaced by the Peace Dollar commemorative that would become standard issue. Since 1921, many Morgan Dollars have been melted, mostly when silver prices escalate and they yield silver bullion. Caches of Morgan Dollars produced at the Carson City Mint were discovered and were sold to coin collectors by the federal government in the early 1970s. These dollars were un-circulated and are called GSAs (named after the General Services Administration) and come in holds that mimic the holds used for proof silver Eisenhower dollars.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Car Steering Dealer

Since, I practice driving now, I also spend time knowing the different parts of a vehicle and where to get it. The only part of a vehicle that I am good in memorizing is the power steering rack. Well it is very noticeable you will always see it whenever you are driving. But also I get curious to where I could find a dealer for the different part that I need just in case some parts of my vehicle break down. I found They have the huge selection of the different parts of a vehicle. That's great and I don't need to run around because I can order it online. Check it out!

Severe weather alerts across Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – A series of powerful and dangerous thunderstorms began roaring through western Oregon Thursday afternoon, prompting multiple warnings from the National Weather Service. A rare Tornado warning was issued briefly for parts of Marion County. In a rare move, the Rose Festival announced the closure of the Waterfront Village for the remainder of the evening. East of Salem, Highway 22 was delayed at Mill City due to multiple trees down along the highway. In Stayton, the Fire Department reported isolated trees and power lines down. In Albany, a KGW viewer captured a photo of lightning strikes over the city. ODOT reported trees down on Hwy 213 near Silverton. The right lane of I-5 NB was blocked by a downed tree at MP 268 was between Woodburn and Salem. KGW Chief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino said the storms were coming off the Cascades foothills and developing very rapidly. The storm was also causing power outages across western Oregon. At 5 p.m., PGE estimated that about 18,000 customers were without power Zaffino said the storms were developing at nearly 30,000 feet -- making an intense combination of wind, hail, rain and lightning. An intense line of radar activity could be seen from the Oregon Coast, through Albany and across the Cascade Range. The threat of thunderstorms was expected to last through about 9 p.m. A 14-year-old La Pine boy was in fair condition in a Portland hospital Thursday after he was struck by lightning on Wednesday outside a high school gymnasium in LaPine in Central Oregon. More than 5,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the state on Wednesday.


Just a thought if there's best places to be a nurse. Probably there is because best nurses won't exist if they are not a product of best schools. I salute every nurse I met because of their dedication. I was hospitalized several time and nurses has done an excellent job to keep me well. I wonder why I didn't take this profession but being a nurse is such a tough job. You have to be very attentive to your patient and know what you are doing because it is a matter of life and death of your patient. For me, nurses are the guardian angel of a certain patient because they always look over you and attend to your need all the time. They are like heroes that are always ready there for you and are always ready to help you and assist you whenever you need something. They are brilliant and very supportive. If you are interested on this profession. Make a thorough research. You can check any in style scrubs website to help you know more about this profession. Or if you are already on this profession and wanted to exercise it, you can check some interview tips for nursesto help you prepared anytime they call you for further details about you. Follow your calling now and make the best out of it.

Church building fund

It has been raining today so we didn't do much yard work but tomorrow and Saturday will be a busy day for us because we will be having a garage for the church. It's a fund raising garage sale for our church building. Hopefully we will do good for this 2 days sale and hopefully we can collect money for our church building. With God's help, we believe that everything will be great.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plastic Surgeons in you area

I have heard so much about plastic surgeons. I get so curious on what they do behind the operating room when they do the breast augmentation, lipo and cosmetic surgeries like that. Sometimes it makes me think, what if I will try one of the process, that would be great. Out of my curiosity, I did some research and found a website where I could locate the nearest plastic surgeons in our area. All you have to do is typed in your zipcode on the space provided on their website and they will give you all the information you need.