Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be aware, Be alert and Be Safe

Sex Offenders are very dangerous people. They are not to be trusted or even get acquinted with them. They may change in the long run and had paid what they have done but once a sex offender is always a sex offender. Good thing their are sectors that do exist nowadays that tracks sex offenders on their where about. And one website has provided a Sex Offender Lookup for everyone. By simply entering your zip code, you'll be able to view a complete list of all sexual predators that are living in your area. View photos, full names, check criminal history, get recent address information, all with one simple search. By obtaining updated sex offender reports, you'll get the information you need to assure you family's safety. We should all be aware of the risks that we are surrounded with, and with their detailed reports, you'll get access to information that does exactly this. I have tried their website and you will really get the report you have requested right infront of your computer. This is truly an amazing innovation that they made and saves so many lives by way of being vigilant and well informed with the people on your surroundings. Check out their website now and be aware, be alert and be safe.


Went to the church today because there's a delivery for some stuff. We also arrange some things there, setting up the new classroom for the kids during Sunday. I also did my task to produce copies of the sermon last Sunday. So I am pretty done with my assignment this week. Mom also told me that we will be at the church tomorrow. I don't exactly what we are going to do there but it's okay, I will help as long as I can.

Proven and effective process of Job hunting

I found a very interesting and informative website on the internet that talks about job hunting. We all know that job hunting is so tough and very disappointing especially if a certain company turned down our application for a job. I know exactly how it feel because I have been there and done that. But a certain website who offers help on job hunting need. This website is Lightship Research. They are well known Chicago based research and recruiting firm that has been helping corporate hiring authorities, executive recruiters, and individual job hunters for 27 years already. They have developed a proven and effective process on this field. They said that the greatest challenge in the search process is obtaining direct access to hiring authorities. Meaning, they penetrate target companies based on your requirements to identify the appropriate individual and the best way to reach them directly. This targeted research allows you to fill positions or change jobs more quickly and efficiently.That is awesome. I am so glad to know about this informative research because soon I'll be looking for a job that would fit me best and based on my qualifications. And with the kind of economy that we have right now, we really need a helping hand like Lightship Research.


My baby called today according to my mother in law. I was out to get some passport picture for my Adjustment of Status form. He said, he won't be home tomorrow because their crew change was pushed through. I am upset, I just want him home. Well, I guess I just have to wait. I know he wants to be home too.