Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Toll Free 800 Number

We all heard about the 800 number. This is very popular anywhere else in the world. They also call this a toll-free number because when you call this number you will not be charged of a rate. Anyhow, the most common people who are using these numbers are people in the business world that needs constant communication to run their business. Personally, I have called a lot of 800 number specially when paying bills, inquiring on something and using it as a long distance call to talk to my family. Even if the greeter is recorded, but it sounded professionally. The good thing about it is you are not only using it for communication purposes, but you are also promoting your business by just your number alone. As you noticed a lot of businesses uses their own name after the 800 number. And also, the live call forwarding and transferring is very magnificent that will allow callers to talk to different departments by having multiple extension feature. You can choose from different plan coverage for as low $30. They are not under a contract and once you paid for at least one month the 800 number is yours. You can choose from the different prefixes, the 800, 888, 877 and 866. Visit for your 1-800 number.