Friday, February 13, 2009

Special gift to someone special

When a special occasion is coming we always find some gifts. A gift that will truly make the occasion more special. Well, finding a gift is not a tough job because if you want to exert some effort to it, you will get it. And, there are so many gift ideas available for you to choose on what to get. We all know that the most common gift we give especially for men is aftershave but we can always do something about it for a change. To me, the sweetest thing I could give my husband is an ipod. Why? Because with this gadget I can always download his favorite songs, our favorite music or a make a video out of it telling him how much I love him and how special he is in my life. Through this, he will always remember the great memories that we have or you just spend time with each other while listening to the music on the ipod. Isn't that a great idea and a great way to express your love to someone who mean the world to you? To me, I will do every unique way I can do for someone I love.

Valentines gift from parents in law

I was surprised when my parents in law hand me a box and told me that it's my Valentines gift from them. Wow! I'm so glad about that. They gave me four pieces of wall decorations with humming bird designs. I know it will blend so well in our living room and I really can't wait to see the outcome of it. I'm not done arranging though and it will still take me few more days before things are in place. Well, I just have to work on that.

Televison Transformation

As time passes by many changes are made. We've been to manual processing, then computer processing and the latest is the digital process. It is truly amazing how our technology transformed into a more easy way and a more quickest way to get things done. One improvement that is going to happen this year is transforming all tvs into digital tv. This will be a whole lot better and a whole lot convenient to everyone. But choosing the right television for you for this transformation needs a lot of price comparison on the cheapest package you will get out of many choices from LCD TV, Plasma TV or Samsung. Price and quality are always considered the primary tool in buying a product particularly television. We always want the best deal to where we can save some money out of it. But to me, any brand will do as long as I can watch my show and get connected with my favorite pass time which is watching television. And I am really happy to hear this transformation because I can get a better picture of my all time favorite Survivor series, Amazing Race, American Idol, Sci Fi channel and HGTV. It is truly a new way of entertainment with a better technology on it which is digitalization.


Been a busy day once again. I have been working on this project for our living room decoration. Been doing this since yesterday and I did one, 2 more to go..Wheewww! My hands are still tired though from all the cutting of the ply wood and the bamboo but I am trying my best to finish all this. I already cut some ply wood and next will be bamboo for the second and third frame. I am just having a break right now but will be back to work shortly.