Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hair Treatment Today

For how many months since I had my hair cut, I had it today. The original plan was just to trim it down but when I looked at it, I was kinda bothered that it was so dry and looks messy..Lol.. So I decided to have a hair treatment specifically hair straightening. Yes for over a year, I had it again. The last time I had a hair treatment was before I left the Philippines. I was happy with the outcome though but how I wish I didn't cut it short..Lol..Oh well, it will grow back anyway..Have to get it done before I deliver the baby because I know my world will be so busy when the baby gets here..Hehehehe!!I feel better though and has that light feeling in my head..Lol..

Monday, December 28, 2009

CoooooooooLLLLLLLddddddddd go away!

It's been how many days now since I've been dealing with my cold. It is terrible, especially in the morning. I can't breathe sometimes and it's just giving me a hard time. My eyes are watery and I kept sneezing from time to time..Oh No!!..Probably the weather has something to do with it. Good thing I am not running a temperature though but it's just so uncomfortable. I am not really taking any for this but water. This might (water therapy) help I guess and it's hard to take something especially if your pregnant. Oh God please help me and hope this cold will go away soon.

With my pregnancy, I am on my 34th week now. Yeah the time is getting closer and I am experiencing those uncomfortable feeling everyday. I am having a hard time getting up in bed, sit down, put my socks on or even taking a shower. Oh pregnancy! Leg cramps is killing me as well as lower back pain. Wheewww!! Hope things will get better soon and I cannot wait to deliver our baby hehehehe..especially now that I am experiencing terrible things with this pregnancy..Wheeww!!!drives me crazy sometimes...Lol..Oh well it won't be long now and the baby will be here and for sure I will be busy taking good care of her and my hubby. Hope you guys had a wonderful day and have a great evening.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas. This is my second Christmas here in the United States now but I am still missing our traditional Christmas in the Philippines. Oh well, I am still happy because I have the most wonderful gifts in my life - my husband and our first baby coming in on February. I couldn't ask for more and they are best Christmas gift I've ever had in my life..

Enjoy the holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling Crappy

I really feel crappy today. Well, since last night I guess. My sinuses are running. My head is like spinning and really got a bad headache last. I was up til 2am because I was feeling uncomfortable, hot and just can't sleep. Wheeww!.. I don't know, I just feel like I am going to get sick anytime. Oh I hope not. Right now I am feeling so weak and just wanted to get some rest and sleep. Will do though in a while. My eyes were also tired. Have no idea why. Maybe because I've read to much last night or were just tired of trying to get some sleep..Wheewww!


My husband and I are planning to invest on a Short Term Insurance. We discussed, that if we take this route, we can save more money to our budget. Short term meaning, we will not be tied for a long time on a certain bills we are paying. To me, it is a good option though because it will make our lives a lot more convenient and our resources will be a lot more available with this route. This will also help us achieve our goals more easier and more faster. We may be doubling what we are paying now with this route but the good thing is, we will only be responsible for a short span of time then we can breath again from all the bills that we have. This will be a huge relief to our finances. We can really use some extra money right now especially when the baby is here.

G-Force Movie

I am so looking forward in getting my DVD that I have purchased last in the mail one of this days. I can't wait to see this movie. I know the movie is funny and cute because I saw the trailer already and oh my, it's adorable. Have you seen it yet? Well you better your copy now before they're gone..Hehehehe


Liposuction might be one of the option any individual could think if he/she is so desperate to loss some weight. Don't get me wrong though. I am not against this process and in fact it is a way of helping individuals gain their self esteem back. Way back in my country ( Philippines ). I have heard somebody ( mostly artist though ) had undergone this procedure. In her story, she said she was so down and pity herself because of her body figure. She doesn't want to go in the public and doesn't want anyone to see her. She buried herself in her house and made her very unhealthy. I do not blame her though because I had experiencing having an excessive weight before but overcome it in a matter of time. She is wealthy enough to do the procedure and that's what she did. I still saw her over the internet and I was very surprise with the changes that they made through liposuction and she was very happy with the result. She's back to her normal self now and very confident to face the world.

Got It On The Mail

I finally got the set of books that I've purchased for my husband at Amazon. I am so impressed the way they packed the items and very amazed that send along an organizer for the books. I hope my husband will like 'em though and will find the story so interesting. I also have my own set and was delivered yesterday and started reading it right away. Man, I can't take the book out of my hands and just wanted to read it and finish it right away..Lol. The story is quite similar on the movie but in the movie, it has a little twist which is not quite far in the book. I cannot wait to finish book 1 and start reading book 2..Hehehehe! That's it for now! Have a great day!

Amazing Intellect

A friend of mine mentioned about the web site design Utah before. It fascinates me on how she was so incline on this kind of interest. I don't blame her though because working on the computer is fun. Yes she designs different website on her own but got really interested and started researching for a source to her interest and this is what she found. I have not heard from her since then. I am sure she's very busy now because the last time I've heard from her, she took it as a full time job. Well, being a web designer is not an easy task but I know she is happy because what she's doing is what makes her happy and put so much love into it. I applaud her for this kind of talent and intellect.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OBGYN's Appointment

I just had my OB/GYN's appointmet today and everything went well on my check up. The baby is doing just fine. Got to hear her heartbeat today too. My Doctor said that everything is normal and wanted me back after a couple of weeks. She just measured my fundal size a while ago and the baby's heartbeat and everything looks normal. I am happy to hear that. On my next appointment, she's gonna do the group B strep test. I think she's doing a vaginal examine so I have to prepare for that..Lol.. After that appointment, Ill be check weekly. Wow! that fast and D-day is really getting closer and closer. I am getting real anxious and real excited now. I only gained a pound since my last appointment. Oh well! That's what happen today guys!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas At The Church

We had a great Christmas dinner at the church last night. Everyone was there and were sharing their best Christmas ever. I didn't get to tell mine because I got shy but to me, most of my Christmases are memorable especially when I met my husband, that was the most wonderful gift I've ever had and the best thing ever happen to me. And this years Christmas is a lot more meaningful for both of us because we are expecting our first child. She is very precious to us and can't wait to see her soon.

Everyone at the church had so much fun last night. The foods were great as usual and everyone just gathered up and chit chat. After our dinner we also had a baby shower for Ms. Karen's daughter. She was so surprised and so thankful of what the church did. But that's all Christmas is all about. Sharing and giving. I will be next in line on this baby shower thing..Hehehehe..I am excited at the same time anxious for this pregnancy to be over and see our baby..

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

In Need Of A New Bed

I am so bothered sometimes when something is crawling in our bed. It is so annoying and at the same time scary. It keeps me awake all night and afraid that it may go inside my ears or nose. I told my hubby about it and tell you what, I was not the only one experiencing it but him as well. He told me that we would probably need to replace our bed as soon as possible before things gets worst and I agree to that. Right now we can't afford to buy one yet because of a stiff budget but we are very open into every beds for sale we can get a hold off. As long as we can save some money and at the same could replace our bed, that would be awesome. Now that we are open to anything we could get, we are saving every nickel and dimes we have to buy the bed we needed as soon as possible and hopefully we will get it before the first of the year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally Purchased The Books

As I've mentioned earlier that I am planning to purchase the twilight book series - all 4 of them, for my husband this Christmas. Yes, I finally purchased the books this morning. Kinda sad and happy feeling though. Why? Sad because I was late on purchasing the books which is a lot more cheaper if I purchased them yesterday. But happy because it was on only 5 bucks additional for my purchase..Lol..Oh I can't wait to receive the books and mail it to my husband on the boat. Hopefully he will like the books and will enjoy reading it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twilight Book Series

My husband and I went to Big Lots one day and bought the 1st dvd of the twilight movie. I told him that I wanted to watch the new moon movie and have told me that we have to watch the 1st dvd first and so we did. My God, the movie is fantastic and very interesting. We loved watching it and can't wait to buy the 2nd dvd which is the new moon. Having said so, my husband starts talking about the book. He was like, the movie is great, now what more with the book series. He likes to read and he said the book is a lot more detailed on there stories compared to the movie..Lol..Well honestly, I am very lazy in reading but I just thought of buying him the whole series of the book. I might read it too because I was very fascinated with the movie itself..Lol. I already found the cheapest price I could get..Hehehehe..These are brand new and hard cover book series of the twilight. I hope he will like it because he has no idea that I am buying him another gift for Christmas..Hehehehe..I can't wait to purchase this books and can't wait for my hubby to receive them.