Monday, December 21, 2009

In Need Of A New Bed

I am so bothered sometimes when something is crawling in our bed. It is so annoying and at the same time scary. It keeps me awake all night and afraid that it may go inside my ears or nose. I told my hubby about it and tell you what, I was not the only one experiencing it but him as well. He told me that we would probably need to replace our bed as soon as possible before things gets worst and I agree to that. Right now we can't afford to buy one yet because of a stiff budget but we are very open into every beds for sale we can get a hold off. As long as we can save some money and at the same could replace our bed, that would be awesome. Now that we are open to anything we could get, we are saving every nickel and dimes we have to buy the bed we needed as soon as possible and hopefully we will get it before the first of the year.

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