Monday, August 2, 2010

Great Pictures - Great Memory

I was not able to attend my cousins wedding this year. She is my closest cousin among others cousins. Simply because our age gap is not that far. We get along well most of the time but there are times that cousin rivalry will arise. As I was saying she got married last May of this year in the Philippines.

I am here in the States so I did not made it to her wedding. Good thing she managed to look for a video camera hire in able for me to see her wedding ceremony. She did sent the video to me as well as the pictures from the camera hire she put for the job. I was very thankful that although I wasn't there, it still felt like I was there because the captures from the video and picture were very real. I applaud my cousin for a great job in hiring professionals.

She said that the canon lens hire was the one who did most of the job. Because of the quality of their service the job was absolutely outstanding. According to her, every penny that she investment was all worth it because she was very happy with the outcome. I was also glad because I was able to see clear pictures and very detailed video from her wedding. A lesson to learn hire professionals to do job to get a job well done output.

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