Monday, August 23, 2010

Ms. Universe Pageant

The pageant was a success and the crowd was so pleased. Ms. Philippines made it to the top 5 and ranked forth runner up. It was a blast and she deserved it. The competition was tough and the questions were really hard but the ladies have done their best to get the title. Ms. Mexico was the luckiest of tonight's event and got the title as Ms. Universe. with their effort and perseverance, they truly deserve the prize. congratulations and mabuhay Philippines.

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jh3riz24 said...

I've watched part of it last night my mom screaming everytime Ms. Philippines made it to the line. This is one of few blogs I've read about the Miss Universe contest and this is only one so far that is very appreciative and congratulate everyone in line. One blogger relate the disappointment of Ms Philippines not makin to top to the recent bus scenario? lol..ohh well. I am glad this post is nice and appreciative even Miss Philippines did not win as Miss Universe, you are right, all those ladies deserved it and we should be happy enough Miss Philippines made it to tp 5 and not let her shoulder the sadness or not being able to please the Philippine crowd who just recently had this bus tragedy...I dont see the . Nice blog.