Monday, March 23, 2009

All in one Media Search Engine

I love watching movies and listening to the music. It is my passion since I was still a kid. I could hardly see myself exist with them. Movies are so fascinating. It makes me imagine things the way I watched in a particular movie. Every movie I watch I can relate to it. With music I listen to it everyday. My mother once told me that when I was still a kid, I can't sleep without music and until now I can't live without it. I use to check the latest movies and latest music everyday. I even joined a music review website just to get updated. I find it amazing because I have the full access to all music reviews such as Pop Music Reviews, Country Music Review, Alternative Music Reviews, Rock Music Reviews, Love Music Review and many more. It is another way of recreation where I can share my thoughts and opinion on a particular music or movie. What I love about it is it gives you the idea on the most recent movies and the most recent music in the world wide web along with the reviews of some other member who has listened and watched a certain movie or music already. It gives you the knowledge of an insight towards the thing you wanted to learn. Example, I wanted to watch a particular movie or listen to a particular song, through the ratings and feedback of others, it gives me an idea on how good the movie is or how good the music is even though I haven't watch it or listen to it yet.

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