Thursday, March 19, 2009

Accessibility and Availability everywhere

This will be the second part of my post about 1 800 Vending. I talked about this on my previous post about how well the machine is and how much profit you can gain if you wind up trying this kind of business. Vending machines are everywhere. It is very accessible, very easy to find and the nice thing about is you don't have to stand in line just to get you something to drink. It only requires some pennies and your good to go. They have evolved nowadays and the latest is the 1800Vending Twitter Profile1800Vending LinkedIn Profile, where you can create a profile and could linked to somebody. It is more like of a community that talks about 1800 vending as the top of the line vending machines that offer both snacks and soda. That means all the products the consumer wants will be available through one machine. Amazing! With this evolution, they are more open to everyone and more accessible wherever you may be. I personally experience it's availability everywhere. My husband drinks a lot and when we are on our vacation we never encounter such problem when it comes to our sodas because we can get it anywhere with vending machine. There's no hassle and we enjoyed out vacation without being thirsty.

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